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Last year Dior introduced a new series of modern handbags that replaces the old classics. The Diorevolution Pouch (Dior + Evolution, the name already explains itself) is one of them. However, the Diorevolution consists more than just a pouch bag, there is also a shoulder bag version, a handle flap bag version and Croisiere WOC version.

The Design

In the past, there weren’t much classic handbags that were designed to boost itself. What we mean by that is that there weren’t much handbags crafted with an oversized logo crafted on the front. But the Diorevolution is made with a big DIOR letter on the front, now nobody misses that it’s a creation of Dior.

The DIOR logo is actually crafted on the slot handclasp. You can slip your hand through it and carry it with ease. The Diorevolution Pouch is really a clutch because it doesn’t come with a leather strap.

Most of Diorevolution Bags are made in solid colors, minimalistic design (except for the logo) and in aged gold hardware. It’s a simple, bragging handbag.

The Interior


The interior of this bag is quite easy. If you open the flap, you will find one compartment to store all your evening essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 22.5 x 14.5 x 6.5 cm, priced at €1800 EUR, £1650 GBP, 2800000 WON via Dior boutiques.

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