How To Spot A Fake Prada Bag Or Wallet: A Complete Authenticity Guide

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You can already find a how to spot bad replica Prada Saffiano bags on the blog but I thought it would be necessary for me to write a more general how to spot a fake Prada bag guide as well.

How To Spot A Fake Prada Bag or Wallet

It’s true that Prada Saffiano bags are the most popular both in authentic and replica versions, but there’s more to Prada than that!

While it’s not mission impossible to find a good Prada replica backpack, things are different with Prada replica luggage. I don’t know about you but I haven’t seen Prada replica luggage in ages! And truth be told, you ladies haven’t shown any interest in it either. I think that LV replica luggage is still the hottest thing in terms of travel bags as they are also more durable and resistant to wear.

So I think I’m going to focus my how to spot a fake Prada bag guide more on handbags, backpacks and popular wallets, like the Prada Continental wallet in Saffiano leather. All Prada items have some things in common and once you start spotting those, the rest will be much easier.

How To Spot A Fake Prada Bag: Tips And Tricks

Original Prada Bag featuring Lampo Zipper

Real Prada Bag Lampo Zipper

Unlike Celine that does not used brand name zippers on its bags, Prada does use brand name zippers and the most common ones are Riri and Lampo. So make sure you don’t mistake your how to spot a fake Celine bag skills with your how to spot a fake Prada bag skills! Other zippers Prada uses are: IPI, Opti and YKK.

The Logo

The easiest tip on how to spot a fake Prada bag is to check the logo. It doesn’t matter if it’s the common triangle plate, if the logo is embossed in the leather or if there are just the metal letters. This rule applies to all type of Prada logos. I’ve said this before and in most cases it actually works to authenticate the bag unless it’s a really really good replica. Look closely at the “R” in “PRADA” and see if there is a curve/dent where the dash of the “R” meets the hoop of the “R”.

Original Prada Enamel Logo

Real Prada Exterior Logo

This should apply not only to the front logo, but also the interior logo, the engravings on the hardware and the authenticity cards. If this is not consistent all throughout the bag, then that’s the first sign it might be a fake. Also, make sure that all the letters have the same size and that the logo is not crooked – that should be easily noticeable.

The Stitching

Original Prada Bag Stitching

Real Prada Saffiano Stitching Details

Prada is a high-end brand so obviously, it only user high-quality leather for its bags. But the stitching should also be impeccable on their bags. This doesn’t mean that a good Prada replica bag can’t have amazing stitching but in most cases it’s not 100% perfect. If you look closely at the stitching of a Prada Saffiano bag, you will also notice that the stitches are at an angle and not perfectly straight. The cheaper and lower in quality a fake Prada is, the easiest it will be to find spots with sloppy and inconsistent stitching.

How To Spot A Fake Prada Bag: Pay Attention To Details!

Learning how to tell a real Prada purse from a fake one means paying a lot of attention to details, especially if you’ve come across a very good replica. This is why you should check the small hardware engravings to see if they used the correct font and if they are clean and easy to read. Take the bottom studs of a Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip tote, for example.

Original Prada Bag Bottom Studs

Real Prada Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote Protective Studs

The Interior

The background color of the interior metal plate should match the color of the exterior and the color of the lining. Also, the borders should match the color of the hardware.

Original Prada Bag Inside Metal Plate

Real Prada Interior Metal Tag

Usually you will also find a small white interior number tag with a number on it inside the interior pocket. The tag should feature a number composed of one, two or three numbers.

Prada Bag Number Tag

Real Prada Interior Number Tag

Authenticity Cards

When trying to learn how to spot a fake Prada bag, authenticity cards might be of great help. They can be and are counterfeited as well, but there are some details that could help you authenticate the item. As I already mentioned, you should check if the “R” in Prada features the signature curve on the authenticity card and on the envelope as well. Then check to see if everything else is printed with accuracy. Still, don’t be surprised if you find really well-printed fake cards and envelopes out there.

Original Prada Authenticity Cards

Real Prada Authenticity Cards

Also, make sure the material and the color written on the card actually match the Prada bag or the Prada wallet you are eyeing. This is an essential step in this how to spot a fake Prada bag guide.

Real Prada Envelope

Original Prada Envelope

I think Prada stopped using blue authenticity cards envelopes around mid 90s and now they are dark purple. This can also be an easy way to spot a fake Prada bag since I’ve seen many replicas with different envelope colors.

How To Spot A Replica Prada Wallet

How To Tell If A Prada Wallet Is Real

How To Spot A Fake Prada Wallet

Here is an extra tip on how to spot a replica Prada wallet: if the authenticity card says “Borsa in Nappa”, then it’s a fake. “Borsa” means “handbag’ in Italian and a wallet is obviously not a bag. The interior of a Prada wallet will have “Prada Milano” embossed on one side and “Made in Italy” on the other side, no matter the leather type it’s made of.

I really hope you will find these tips on how to spot a fake Prada bag helpful. This should also help you girls choose the best Prada replica bags and wallets! Is there anything else you would like to know? Leave a comment below!

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