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Introducing the Bottega Veneta 2017 Runway Bag Collection. The brand presented sophisticated and elegant handbags this season. Bottega Veneta’s classic designs were featured in the collection like the Monaco, Cabat, Olimpia, Brera and Knot bags. The Knot Bags comes in crocodile with silver intrecciato details. A variety of shoulder bags were presented this season including flap bags with knotted shoulder strap and mini zipped bags in Ayers. Another new design is the mini flap bags attached together turning it into one chic bag. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-44 Bottega Veneta’s 2017 Runway Bag Collection didn’t fail to disappoint. Right at the beginning, it gave us the WOW factor that we’ve all been expecting from this Italian luxury power house. The myriad of bags paraded during the runway is such a feast to our eyes and music to our ears, which was something we always look forward to. The brand presented several sophisticated, posh and refined handbags this season. There was a great variety from different types of bags such as flap bags, mini zipped bags, top handle bags, totes, shoulder bags, and clutch bags; the materials used from crocodile skin, leather and others; and colors from bright shocking red, blue, black, green, violet, pink, and brown among others. These are two of the bags from the collection that has caught us our attention. This particularly white shoulder bag is embodying “simplicity at its finest.” Its off white color and minimalistic design is perfect for casual wear. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-6 This black Crocodile bag on the other hand is nothing but pure luxury in all its angles. One will definitely feel elegant upon clutching and holding on to this bag. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-2 Introducing the Bottega Veneta 2017 Bag Collection. The collection features a variety of shoulder bags including those that were presented during the runway show. These includes the double micro shoulder bags and compact shoulder bags with pockets. The brand’s iconic Intrecciato leather comes with nappa leather, karung and snakeskin this season. A mix of colors such as black, blue, beige, gray and pink are seen in the brand’s latest handbags. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-3 It’s amazing how so few designers realize the abject appreciation they’ll be given for allowing women a glimpse of simple, reserved, perfectly cut tailoring. From the moment Jamie Bochert opened the Bottega Veneta show wearing a long black cashmere coat, black turtleneck, slim, very slightly flared pants, and a long and skinny knitted scarf wound around her neck, Tomas Maier should have felt the audience love radiating all the way backstage. Anyway: With this season, he has come to his senses, dispensed with theme (who needs it?) and applied himself the one thing which is so frustratingly elusive to find in today’s hotchpotch fancied-up fashion: a method for looking grown-up, and proud of it. In the febrile celebrity model–spotting atmosphere of the shows in Milan, it was notable that this time, it was Brochart and the dignified Julia Nobis (dressed in a pale beige cashmere pantsuit) who magnetized envious eyes. Kendall Jenner was there on the runway later, too, wearing a purple knit dress that made her look considerably older than her years. But essentially, this is a collection which separates the women from the girls. You suddenly realized that you must aspire to be old enough to wear these clothes—and how many collections can make a woman feel positively relaxed and smug about that? Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-4Beginning in September, Bottega Veneta will make some big changes to its presentation structure. Designer Tomas Maier will integrate the brand's men's and womenswear shows for its spring/summer 2017 presentation during Milan Fashion Week. "2017 marks an important year for Bottega Veneta and it deserves a proper celebration in view of [the brand's] further development," chief executive Carlo Alberto Beratta told Business of Fashion. "Showing women and men together is quite an organic move for us. Tomas Maier's vision is of Bottega Veneta as a lifestyle brand, built on both genders, and it has been like this for the last 15 years of his creative direction," Beratta said. "He actually already included some women's looks in the Autumn/Winter 2017 men's show in January." The combined show will celebrate the brand's 50th anniversary, as well as 15 years under the creative direction of Maier. It's still unknown whether Bottega Veneta will take this approach beyond this season. "I believe this approach may be continued, moving forward into 2017 as a natural evolution," Beratta said. "Our aim is always to decide in accordance with the brand's philosophy in any step we take, so the factors in making this decision will be what makes more sense for the brand itself. We are not in a rush, we would rather pursue an organic evolution." In related news, Burberry revealed plans back in February to show only two presentations annually. In addition to also combining menswear and womenswear shows, the British label will make its upcoming biannual collections "seasonless," and eveything will also be available to buy immediately after the shows. The esteemed British label will no longer show two annual menswear ranges on the London Collections: Men runway — which were previously staged in January and June. The brand still plans to work with LCM and is finding other ways to participate. The schedule shift is an effort to focus on consumers and retail availability, as opposed to just the runway show event. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-5 While these versions have been iterated many a time and oft during prior seasons, some designers went out-and-out innovational in this category this time around bringing forth family ties – Siamese twin purple and red bags at Bottega Veneta and a mother + daughter package spotted at DSquared2. Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-7 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-8 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-9 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-10 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-11 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-12 img src=”” alt=”Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-13″ width=”745″ height=”1320″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-140908″ /> Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-14 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-15 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-16 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-17 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-18 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-19 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-20 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-21 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-22 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-23 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-24 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-25 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-26 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-27 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-29 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-30 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-31 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-32 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-33 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-36 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-37 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-38 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-39 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-40 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-41 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-42 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-43 Bottega-Veneta-Fall-Winter-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection

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Bottega Veneta Sample Sale Happening Now in NYC

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We do not really talk much about the Bottega Veneta brand, but when we do, you can be certain that we’re featuring a stunning handbag.

Bottega Veneta just released a new shoulder bag – the Olimpia Bag. I love the name, it’s quite unique, but the design is even more interesting.

You can have it in the classic intrecciato nappa print, but you can also choose one of the impressive embroidered designs.


Like this one, the decoration is called ‘mist’ and it basically represents small flowers in darker shades for the upcoming fall winter seasons. The bag is refined with strong chain strap and a front flap. The interior comes with two compartments and fitted with a zip pocket. Your daily essentials can be structured easily inside and there is plenty of room.

Bottega Veneta leathers are impeccable, the design are elegant, feminine and ideal for casual and for work. The Olimpia Bag comes in three different sizes; the baby size is measured 15 x 22 x 8 (H x W x D) cm and priced at $2030 USD or €1850 euro, the small size is measured 17 x 25 x 7,5 cm (H x W x D) cm and priced at $2470 USD or €2250 euro, the medium measured 30 x 21,5 x 10 (W x H x D) cm and priced at $2800 USD or €2550 euro via Bottega Veneta boutiques.













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Bottega Veneta Messenger In Intrecciato Calf & Nappa



Menfolk, take note, there’s a new bag from Bottega Veneta in town and this is the one that might just catch your fancy. Known simply as the, erm, the Messenger, because that’s just BV’s way of calling a spade a spade without the need for all those fancy names, another thing you can be sure of is the ample use of their signature Intrecciatoleather.

And in the case of this bag, in both calfskin and nappa leathers. Sporting a straightforward enough design without all the bells and whistles (it’s Bottega Veneta after all), it’s simply a rectangular leather bag with a pair of zips on the top that serves as the opening and a long sling strap which will allow you to wear this bag either over the shoulder or across the body.

From Tomas Maier’s first-ever Early Fall 2016 collection from the Italian luxury house, this is also one bag that will never go out of style; you can use it for years and years to come because they all look somewhat similar. Which, in a sense, is what all the Kering siblings are doing these days, from flamboyant Gucci to rock and roll Saint Laurent, where all the seasons seem to flow seamlessly from one collection into another. In other words, good for the pocket too.

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Bottega Veneta Mixes Colors, Textures and Leathers for Resort 2017 Bags

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Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection


After a few much-acclaimed collections, we can rightly state Bottega Veneta is finally safe and sound, as director Tomas Maier managed to save the Italian luxury house from its past decreasing sales putting it officially back on the map. We could also notice how the label managed to get back on its glorious path especially through the latest season collections, wherein Maier skillfully intertwined Bottega Veneta’s hallmarks and high quality materials with a more modern twist. The same goes for the newest Bottega Veneta resort 2017 collection, which combines classics, such as tailored coats, with extremely colorful prints and patterns. In doing so, Tomas Maier also made sure those who suffer from summertime blues could find a sort of relief in the transitional season-approved ensembles available in the collection.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection

“Long and lean, tailored and very proper. […] It’s very colorful, because this comes [into stores] at a time of the year when the light goes down, the days are short and I like it happy,” he declared, reminding us that he truly values his customers’ contentment.

Famous for disdaining celebrity endorsements, Maier’s views on fashion are customer-centered, and his Bottega Veneta resort 2017 collection confirms it. The 24-piece line-up is extremely wearable, with clean cuts and minimalistic embellishments (that basically explains why he used the adjective ‘proper’ to describe it).

Maier also opted for adding an ultra-chic haute couture touch to his designs by having fun playing with different textures, which resulted into something that is pleasing both to the touch and to the sight, and color-blocking motifs, combined together to either create contrasting prints and patterns.

As for the fabrics, although wool is undeniably the main protagonist in here, Maier chose to interrupt the heavyweight line with sleek materials, multi-colored sequins and even a soft, fuzzy texture he used to create the latest loungewear-inspired wrapped coats.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection

Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection

Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection

The color palette is exceptionally diverse, ranging from dusty pastel shades to rich, darker hues, such as deep purple and burgundy. Bright yellows, textured greens and fire reds revamp the line-up, perfectly exemplifying what Maier meant when saying he wanted us to wear something that could make our days brighter and happily last longer.

Besides featuring an array of elegantly feminine must-have coats, the Bottega Veneta cruise 2017 collection gives us a few evening floor-length dresses to covet too, not to mention the leather pencil skirts that give a good name to ‘casual-chic fashion’. As for the dresses, Maier opted for loose figures with belts cinched at the waists, focusing on hourglass silhouettes and draped lines. Contrastingly, the leather skirts almost geometrically wrap the bodies, following the cuts and lines of their respective matching raincoats.

What makes this collection unique is, however, what completes each of the looks, that is the accessory line. Celebrating the label’s unique artisanal background, Maier delivered a few handbags and retro-inspired round-toed shoes that are just to die for.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection

Bottega Veneta Resort 2017 Collection

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