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It sure looks like Dior is putting its best foot forward when it comes to releasing their newest superb fashionable bags and its camera bags are no exception. Take this Dior Cannage Stitched Camera Bag as an example and you’ll know what we are exactly talking about.

This Cannage Stitched Camera Bag is made from genuine leather that comes in the classic and basic black color. It has the Dior logo in front, which makes it all the more recognizable even from a distant.

And oh, did we also mention that it features the Cannage Stitching? Yes, this is Dior’s version of the very much addicting and lovable quilted pattern. It’s fresh and ultra-modern isn’t it?

Now off you go! Travel in style and capture equally beautiful photos that will serve as your souvenirs from your trips abroad and to exotic places since this camera bag will do the work in keeping your handy camera in tiptop shape as you roam and move around a little bit.

At this moment we don’t have the sizes and prices, we will update you when we receive more information.

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The Diorama has been reinvented again and they’re looking better and better. This version is so good that we do not know whether anyone can resist the temptation.

Meet boyish bag of Dior and here’s what you need to know…

The print is brand-new, but does it remind you of something?


Yes, it’s look similar to the Cannage Topstitching of the latest UltraDior Bag.

READ: Ultra Dior Bag

So what’s the deal? The Cannage Topstitching looks different than the Cannage Stitching of the Lady Dior. You see, the pattern is flat and smooth.

The leather is strong and durable and just like any Diorama Bag, the design is quite sophisticated. There is a lot going on. The Cannage Topstitching is only decorated on one part.

The chains are large, strong and beautiful. The shiny hardware is quite impressive. But the bag is not complete without the crest-shape closure in the center.

Now, we do not have the prices yet or the style code. This is the medium size, measuring 25 x 1.5 x 8 cm.

What do you think?


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If you’ve been following BRAGMYBAG so far, you already know that Dior has just released the Dior Cannage Stitched Backpack. If you haven’t, then check it out here: Dior Cannage Stitched Backpack Details.

Though not much information has been published on the web yet, we still want to show you two more variation of this backpack.

The first one is the Dior Cannage Stitched Sequin Backpack in bi-color. This backpack is partly adorned with the iconic Cannage Stitching in black. But the flaps are embellished with beautiful multicolor sequins. Then for the refinement, the handle and the buckle straps are painted in baby blue. So now you have three colors in one. What do you think?


Let’s move to the next one. Here’s something that you have to love. Again, the bag is partly made in Cannage Stitching, but the flap is adorned with multicolor little flowers and it’s perfect for the summer. The handle and the bucket straps are both painted in red. This bag will certainly attract some attention.



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Miss Dior Bag in Mini Cannage Stitching

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Here’s a version of a Miss Dior Bag that you’ve never seen before.

Usually, and the classic Miss Dior Bag is embellished with ‘Cannage Stitching’ all over the bag, which is beautiful and divine. And if you pick the color black, it’s an one-time purchase and forever yours.

But if you’re a long-time Dior fan, and have already a wardrobe stocked with endless Cannage Stitched handbag, then we’ve a new style to present you.

Take a look at the Miss Dior Bag, partly decorated with the original sized ‘cannage stitching’ and the second half is crafted with tiny ‘cannage stitching’. It’s a new luxury for those that dare to be different.

Decidedly feminine, made from lambskin, this soft bag with curved lines and a large inside provides an urban contemporary look. The stitching gives a new architectural vision to the iconic Dior Cannage stitching.

Refined with silver-tone chains, carry it on the shoulder or cross body, a key delicately opens the double push-button clasp.

Measuring 25 x 18 x 10 cm.


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Dior Soft Bag with Cannage Embroidery

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All right, before we dive into the stories and details of this new Dior Soft Bag style, we need to share something important first…

The Dior Soft Tote has been altered and mostly in the interior. The latest version is embellished with a zipper that goes to the sides, making it easier to access open pockets. The older version will slowly vanish from the stock, they will not be produced anymore. And now back to the story.

Now presenting the Dior Soft Tote Bag with Cannage Embroidery, a new style (well, not entirely new). The Cannage stitching has always been the icon of Dior and it has been featured in many Soft Tote Bag (in all sizes and colours), even in the Dior Soft Flap Bag. But once a while, Dior comes with something unique that’s different than the original version.

Instead of small diamond patterns lining up to each other, the Cannage Embroidery diamond patterns are larger. And if you screen through our Dior Classic Bag Collection article, you will notice that it’s almost like the same design as the Dior Granville Bag (Tada!).

Whether it’s the Cannage Stitching or the Cannage Embroidery, they are both magnificent. Both represent the reinterpretation of Dior’s emblem. The Dior Soft Tote Bag is practical and timeless, the perfect accessory for every errand an occasion. Priced at € 2200 euro’s or £2050 GBP at Dior boutique.


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Hey, what are your thoughts about the Dior Cannage Stitched Backpack?

Oh, let us help you translate those thoughts into words: ‘Oh My…’. And no worries, we were thinking exactly the same when we first spotted this bag.

Presenting the first-ever-can’t–resist Dior backpack beautified with the iconic Cannage stitching. Now we do not know its product name yet, because this bag hasn’t been published on the Internet. But we wanted to inform you first before anyone else.

We also do not know the prices or the sizes yet; other information will follow later on.

This bag could be named the Lady Dior Backpack and we hope so, because the leather (probably lambskin) shines as beautiful as the iconic Lady Dior Bag. The stunning Cannage Stitching is so obsessive and can you see the amazing ‘DIOR’ logo on the front flap?

On the front lower-end you will find a front-pocket, its designed with buckles for closing. The interior is lined in pink and it has enormous space to store all your essentials.

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