Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Tote

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Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Lace Purse

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Tote

Lace is making a comeback. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about lace and how it has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts. The lost art of lace-making has been given new life over the last 5 years or so, with more and more companies discovering just how gorgeous lace can be. When it comes to lace though, I have mostly been seeing it on clothing. It is also starting to become more popular in the bridal scene. But not so much when it comes to handbags.

Sure the occasional formal clutch with a lace overlay pops up here and there, but lace has never been a really popular material for handbags. This doesn’t mean that lace-lovers cannot enjoy a lace like piece. I came across the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Baby Embellished Leather Tote the other day and thought it was a great example of this. This iconic piece was given a makeover, complete with off-white leather and grommet stud embellishments. But it isn’t the embellishments alone. It is the lace-like pattern they create that gives this piece that lacy look and feel. The overall look is very light and airy and would be perfect for this coming spring season.

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Chanel Embellished Carbon Surfboard

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No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is neither a hoax nor was it customised especially for an overenthusiastic Chanel customer. This is an authentic product that you can now buy from your local Chanel, something which I saw for myself when I was last holidaying in Bangkok.

Priced at a whopping SGD10,890, I’m pretty sure it will meet all the basic technical specifications that one needs to meet to ride the waves on, since (and you might not know this) Chanel has a history of retailing sports and sports-related products, from basketballs to tennis rackets, so why not a carbon surfboard?

Now excuse me while I go channel Gisele Bündchen and ride the waves for a while. But it will have to be quick, I still need to send my daughter to school, do a fashion shoot and then drive all the way into the city to meet my husband. A girl, I mean, a boy can dream too, right?

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Marc Jacobs Debuts Beautifully Embellished Bags on His Spring 2016 Runway

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You can have your Lady Dior Tote Bag in ‘Canage Stitching’, you can have your Lady Dior in beautiful Celeste color, but nothing can beat this multi-color Tote Bag.

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It isn’t rare that DIOR releases a flower-charm handbag, but it’s the way in which the look is put together that makes it different– it’s cute, gorgeous and iconic.

And it’s everything but boring, with a carefully-picked white background and white handles, the charms shine like the sun is feeding them. The charms are a collection of the most beautiful flowers on this planet, in the shades of orange, baby blue, purple, green and many more.

It features the DIOR charm on the right handle and it’s even more exciting because of its mini size.

If there’s any bag that can company you for this season, then it will be this Lady Dior Flower-Charm Tote Bag.

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Dior Embellished Espadrilles for Spring 2015

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Dior has finally released their own version of espadrilles. Similar to the Fusion Sneakers that first came out in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture Collection, the espadrilles are embellished in colourful sequins and beads. The espadrilles are made of satin canvas and comes in various colors like Pink, Fuchsia and Black. It is expected to be available in stores this coming March and will retail for $770 (USD) and €590.

Dior Espadrilles for Spring 2015

Dior Black/Pink Embellished Espadrilles

Dior Pink/Fuchsia Embellished Espadrilles

Dior Pink/Fuchsia/Black Embellished Espadrilles

Dior Black/Fuchsia/Pink Embellished Espadrilles

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