Valentino Rockrunner Camo-Print Felt Sneakers

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As far as these Rockrunner sneakers from Valentino go, they are as close to perfection as it will get for me. Take their signature camouflage print, in a dusky, gorgeous grey-on-grey and put it on felt, a combination that already makes me weak in the knees. That, coupled with the grey rubber studs and the contrasting beige sole has me reaching for my credit card. The final deciding factor? That stunning heel tab in deep forest green that not only completes the entire sneaker, but also makes it a pair that will go with most anything you have in your wardrobe.

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Céline Mini Belt In Orange Felt

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This is Céline’s Mini Belt, an adorable enough bag that will now become even cuter because come Fall-Winter 2016, it will also be made available in felt. And not grey felt (which is the colour we usually see felt in, anyway), but a darker, slightly burnt orange on a bag that’s accented with a black flap, handle and of course, the long knot tassel details. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but for all those who insist on having a little bit of fun with a sense of humour, this one is definitely for you.


In fact, many of the bags you’ll be seeing on this blog soon from Céline’s upcoming collection will come in felt of different colours, and shearling, yes, that fluffy furry-like material in various hues including one that I swear is the colour of Oscar. Oscar the Grouch, to be exact (look up), but more on that later.

Right now, we’ll just focus on Ernie, sorry, I meant, this bag that will retail forSGD2800. More updates on the rest of the Muppets family in time to come. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Valentino Camoucouture Felt Fabric Backpack

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If I’m buying just one backpack this season, this one, the Valentino Camoucouture Backpack in felt fabric, would be it. Maybe I’m a sucker for anything camouflage, or the fact that I’ve always loved how lightweight (and fuss-free) felt is as a fabric, or just that being handsfree whilst wondering the city (or the great outdoors) is always a bonus, especially if I need both hands to operate my iPhone when I need to shoot something for Instagram.

Measuring 44 cm in height by 33 cm across, it’s roomy enough for most guys and then some, and whether you’re using it for work or play (or work and play) wouldn’t be an issue either. With double-zips on both the main compartment and the front pocket, it comes finished with leather handles that come with a sprinkling of ruthenium-finish studs.

Priced at USD2380 online via Valentino (from what I gather you can order it online and they’ll ship to Singapore and the region), you might as well pick up the matching felt fabric sneakers (also known as the Camouflage Rockrunner) as well, priced atUSD820 a pair. Because that’s exactly what I would do.

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