It Might Be Time to Give MICHAEL Michael Kors Bags Another Chance

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Sarah Jessica Parker is the Rare Celeb Who Walks the Walk When It Comes to Wearing Her Own Shoe Line

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Saint Laurent Red Box Laque Card Holder

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A red wallet, what’s the deal?

I mean, it’s not even a d*** wallet, it’s a cardholder!

We did not picked this accessory by accident, nor because we’re bored and having nothing to post. But there was just a ‘thing’ about it that we admire and couldn’t help but write a review about it.

First of all, the ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ signature, it’s catchy isn’t. Then I love how the golden zipper matches to the lipstick red color. It calls for attention when you take it out of your bag, trying to find the right card.

Then it’s the structure, I love the layers next to each other, it’s just so modern and chic. The cardholder can be closed with the zipper, which keeps your card safe and sound.

But more, a cardholder is a bit exaggerated, I mean we got wallets right? But you know, nowadays we got so many card, we do not even know how to store it. It’s not only the credit cards, but also the cards we use to get points when doing shopping, it’s endless and they are piling up.

Perhaps, time for a cardholder?

Made from buffet leather, with five slot cards. Pouch lining is in black leather, measuring 5’ x 3’ (L x W) inches, priced at $295 USD.

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Buying Faux YSL Handbags From AliExpress: Is It A Good Idea?

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It seems like more and more people are showing interest in buying faux YSL handbags from Aliexpress. I think that the reason is not that they are necessarily cheaper because in some cases they aren’t. But mostly because there are a lot of options to choose from.

Faux YSL Handbags Aliexpress

Based on the feedback I’ve received lately I will try to point the advantages and the disadvantages of buying a YSL bag replica from this site. Hope it helps!

A reader of the blog sent me some photos of faux YSL handbags she got from different sellers. The first two are a YSL Sac De Jour dupe and a Cassandre Tassel YSL bag replica:

“Hello Eva!

I was reading your site and found your comments to be very helpful. I was wondering if you could help me with some pictures sellers have sent me because I am on the brink of spending some money on these bags! I usually find the sellers from Aliexpress or instagram. I am in the market for a YSL Sac De Jour in Fog (Grey) and a YSL Cassandre Tassel (in light pink, rose clair?).

Hopefully you could help me spot some flaws and perhaps share with the readers if the replicas are of good quality! :)

YSL Sac De Jour:

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Interior

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe – How The Interior Looks

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Stitching Zoom Around the Handle

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Leather Details

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Exterior Brand Logo

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Logo Zoom

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Protective Studs

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Bottom Studs

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Shoulder Strap Flaw

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Shoulder Strap Defect Circled in Red

Generally, I am very impressed by this bag’s quality. My biggest issue would be the shoulder strap which is not like the original. It is cut off and sewed close whereas the original one is enclosed all the way between 2 pieces of leather. I have circled it in red. I am quite particular about the closeness of the replica and would love a 99% copy if possible. Is this obviously fake to someone mildly familiar with the brand?

YSL Cassandre Tassel Clutch:

 YSL Bag Replica Cassandre Tassel Clutch

YSL Cassandre Tassel Replica Pink Photo Collage

I am not sure about the chain for this one. I thought it was more of the traditional chain-link instead of this intertwined type of chain. Interior is suede but not sure if the flap should also be suede on the inside? ”

And here is my opinion about these faux YSL handbags:

“First of all, the color of the Sac De Jour looks more like Khaki to me, not like Fog (Grey). But I don’t know if that’s just because of the light. The bag seems to be made of real leather but the front stamp is not very good, it’s smaller than the original and also a bit unclear (Just look at the last “T” in “Laurent” and the entire “PARIS”). But overall it’s not a bad replica :)

YSL Cassandre Tassel Clutch: You are right, the bag should not have suede on the interior of the flap. But what I really don’t like about this bag is the color of the hardware, it looks very cheap…”

“Hi Eva!

Thank you for your very fast reply! The sellers for these faux ysl handbags are contacted from Aliexpress, instagram and wechat so its all over the place! I realised many of the china sellers re-use or have the same series of pictures. I think they are taken by the factory and spread to the various distributors.

I’ve attached another alternative for the SDJ – Do you think the previous one or this one is good quality? Do you know anyone that produces an almost exact mirror? They’re both about the 300 USD range.

Regarding the YSL SDJ, I have another seller offering these pictures:

Sac YSL Aliexpress Front View and Cards

Sac YSL Aliexpress Overall View

Sac YSL Aliexpress Check the Hardware

Sac YSL Aliexpress Engraving Detail

Sac YSL Aliexpress Leather Tag and Lock

Sac YSL Aliexpress Lock Detail

Sac YSL Aliexpress Side Detail

Sac YSL Aliexpress Viewed From The Side

I feel like the strap clip is a little too gold and shiny? I’m not sure what the real SDJ hardware is like.“

My friend pointed out a really important thing in her comment. I’m sure that anyone who has ever bought a replica bag noticed that sometimes you will find the same photos of the same faux YSL handbags on different replica sites and with different prices too. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one of them stole the photos but that probably they use the photos the factories provided.

And she was right about the strap clip being a little too gold and shiny too, that was my exact problem with the previous Cassandre Tassel bag :)

I recommended my friend to take a look at Ilovebestbag for a YSL bag dupe and guess what!

“Hi Eva,

Haha I’ve seen the exact same pictures from another seller selling them for about 300 flat from aliexpress. From the ilovebestbag link you sent, what are some of the flaws of those pictures? I personally had abit of an issue with the strap though – The grey strap is the more accurate and high quality one whereas the white strap has this awkward ending that is common with most Sac de Jour faux YSL handbags. Is this a major flaw?

Sac De Jour Faux YSL Handbags Comparison

Sac De Jour Faux YSL Handbags Shoulder Strap Comparison

Also with the Cassandre tassel, are the chain links supposed to be like this or the other type? A little confused about the variations of the replicas. Some authentic sites like nordstrom and selfridges also have a mixture of the 2 chain types.”

I have to mention that the faux YSL handbags on Ilovebestbag are usually pretty expensive and that particular Sac De Jour replica was $388 as opposed to the $300 Sac YSL Aliexpress. I must admit that’s quite a difference! At the same time that doesn’t really surprise me. It’s true that some faux YSL handbags are way overpriced on certain sites…but sometimes you pay more just to be safe.

That’s the thing with buying from Aliexpress: in most cases you have to use a payment method like Western Union that’s not very safe and it’s also much more difficult to return the bag if you don’t like it. It all depends on the seller but you don’t have that much of a guarantee.

Now about the white strap flaw: I don’t think that’s really a major flaw but it could be the kind of thing that could bother you on the long term. And it can also be considered a sign the bag is cheap if it looks glued rather than stitched.

As for the Cassandre Tassel YSL bag Aliexpress, both types of chain links are correct, one is the old chain link style and one is the new one. But neither of them is wrong.

I don’t know if you remember, but at some point I posted two Pochette YSL aliexpress reviews. The most fascinating thing about that review was that even though both bags were bought from the same seller, they had different quality, which confirmed that buying from Aliexpress is like taking a gamble. But then again, it’s enough to check out thisYSL Sac de Jour Nano review to see that Aliexpress is not the only risky site. For example, also doesn’t take returns.

Buying Faux YSL Handbags From Aliexpress: Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage of buying a YSL bag Aliexpress is that you can come across some really nice sellers that offer great customer service and are willing to send you lots of pictures before you actually buy it. At the same time, the biggest disadvantage is the one I already mentioned: payment methods that are not very safe and difficult (or sometimes impossible) return.

If you are planning to buy faux YSL handbags off Aliexpress don’t expect to find many photos of the bags on the online store. You have to contact the seller to get the Yupoo link where you will see more photos of the products.

I’m really starting to think that given the popularity of faux YSL handbags, I should write a how to spot a fake YSL bag guide, at least for the most iconic styles. What do you girls think?

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Slow but with a certain pace, everything you can imagine will ultimately turn into fashion. And when that day arrives that, you can blame Kate Spade for making it happen.

Whatever you can think of, you can carry. Here’s the proof:

READ: Kate Spade Kissing Flamingos Clutch Bag

READ: Kate Spade Elephant Bag

READ: Kate Spade Ladybug Bag

READ: Kate Spade Hello Tokyo Cat Bag

And there are more, be belief us… we collect them.

But imagine you’re stranded on a tropical island and besides Coconut and Palm trees, what more can you think of?

*Hint: it’s yellow and you can eat it.

Yes, it’s a pineapple and Kate Spade design one that can be carried comfortably on your shoulder.

It’s an accessory that’s little unexpected, bright yellow leather that adds a tropical punch to your ensemble. It’s fun, it’s playful and it’s so good for the summer.

Though you can’t eat it, the bag opens with a zip top closure and there is a slide pocket inside. It’s made with 14 kart gold plated hardware and it’s measured 5.7’ x 9.8’ x 0.8’ inches (H x W x D), priced at $348 USD via Kate Spade e-store.




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