Miu Miu Astro Running Collection

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miu_miu_astro-running-collection1You could quite literally call these sneakers ‘out of this world’, what with its name (they are called Astro Running) and enough bling to rival any star-filled night. A new release from Italian fashion house Miu Miu, they are also touted to be lightweight, soft and easy on the feet, combining the best of both fine craftsmanship (I can only imagine the amount of hours needed to sew the crystals onto the shoe) and functional sportiness (you could run in these shoes, though I really wouldn’t advise it).

miu_miu_astro-running-collection2Priced at SGD2350 a pair and available in limited quantities, you could put yourself on the wait list right now for this dazzler of a shoe. Available in at least 5 different colour combinations, they also come lined in matelassé leather for that extra touch of luxury.

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