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Summer is just right around the corner so what better way to welcome the hottest season than owning a pair or two of reliable and comfortable sandals? Trust us, sandals come handy during the summer season.

And when we speak of sandals, one need not sacrifice style over comfort as Chanel sandals for the Spring Summer 2016 Collection got you covered. These two designs however caught our attention.


Chanel Python Silver Sandals
Style code: G31807
Price: €950 euro


This iridescent python silver sandals from Chanel looks polished and glammed up for summer. We’re loving the added chain details on it and oh, did we mention yet that it only has 0.4 mm heels? These are perfect for Sunday brisk walking or a lazy day at the promenade.

This tweed navy blue and glittered blue sandals on the other hand made falling inlove an easy thing to do. The color is too cute for words, it makes your feet look polished and clean. The added rhinestones all the more made it our most favorite among Chanel’s Spring Summer 2016 Collection.


Chanel Tweed Glitter Sandals
Style code: G31718
Price: Unknown


This tweed navy blue and glittered blue sandals on the other hand made falling inlove an easy thing to do. The color is too cute for words, it makes your feet look polished and clean. The added rhinestones all the more made it our most favorite among Chanel’s Spring Summer 2016 Collection.


Chanel Tweed Sandals
Style code: G31796
Price: €950 euro



Chanel Lambskin Patent Calfskin Sandals
Style code: G31796
Price: €990 euro



Chanel Tweed Sandals
Style code: G31793
Price: €890 euro



Chanel Tweed Sandals
Style code: G31718
Price: €890 euro



Chanel Tweed Python Sandals
Style code: G31809
Price: €990 euro



Chanel Python Silver Sandals
Style code: G31808
Price: €990 euro



Chanel Tweed Python Sandals
Style code: G31808
Price: €990 euro



Chanel Gold Python Sandals
Style code: G31809
Price: €990 euro


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Let’s talk about shoes a little bit.

And we all know that Gucci has plenty of gorgeous shoes and honestly, too many to name here.

We’ve read that the latest fashion is not about ‘oversized’ logos on clothes, bags and shoes anymore, they’re just not in anymore. People do not want large logo names on their fashion pieces. Perhaps simplicity would work, like Celine’s style.

But take us to another question. How about iconic prints? You know like Louis Vuitton Monogram print? Or this Gucci GG Canvas Print on your shoes? Would you love that?

The Gucci GG Supreme Sandals are somewhat sophisticated for this collection. Designed in tri-colors – pink, purple and red…and covered with the iconic GG print on the straps. It feels a bit playful if you ask me. But the colors are bright enough to help you get through the summer.

Made with three straps, refined with patent leather covered buttons. The heels are 110mm, priced at €650 euro via Gucci store. But what do you think? Are they worth the investment?






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Chanel Flat Chain Sandals From Spring/Summer 2016

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Get stylish this summer with these flat sandals with chain details. These designer sandals are the perfect footwear for the sunny weather. Chanel, Givenchy, Burberry and Jimmy Choo offers different styles for Flat Chain Sandals.

Chanel Flat Chain Slip-on Sandals

Chanel has created a variety of flat sandals with chain accent for some time now. For their Spring/Summer 2015 Collection, a new style is included in the collection. A slip-on flat sandals which is made of glazed calfskin. It features the iconic interlaced leather and chain detail. Retails for $700.00 (USD).

Chanel Lambskin Chain Sandals

Here’s another one from Chanel, which is made of lambskin and features the signature CC logo made of leather and chain. Priced at $1,050.00 (USD).

Givenchy Curb Chain Leather Flatform Sandals

Givenchy also offers a variety of styles for flat chain sandals. One of these is the Curb Chain Leather Flatform Sandals. An edgy and casual pair of sandals that features a silver-tone curb chain. Priced at $1,125.00 (USD).

Givenchy Curb Chain Leather Flatform Sandals 1Givenchy Curb Chain Leather Flatform Sandals 2

Another style from Givenchy is this Jelly Flat Sandals which makes a perfect summer footwear. It is made of rubber and channels the brand’s iconic chain detail. Retails for $295.00 (USD)

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Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $1290 USD, €980 euro

For women who hardheadedly refuse to be anything but successful, here’s a single unsolicited advice: all you need is a good pair of shoes that will make you feel on top of the world. Well, here’s the good part ladies, Gucci’s button sandals will give you just that. Walk the walk and talk the talk with this high-heeled sandals that comes in patent leather and leather style that will make you regret not owning it. With two styles that you can choose from: black patent leather and black leather, feel effortlessly beautiful and sophisticated in no time. This shoe product from Gucci features leather material with straps and button details for that extra flirty yet funky feel.

It also boasts of mother-of-pearl GG buttons that makes them more captivating and appealing. It also has back zip closure for easy wearing and features 4.5” heel that adds sexiness to it. This pair of high-heeled sandals is made for walking whether at a gala, soiree or for that sexy Saturday date you’ve been waiting for. Feel in charge of the situation and own this beauty! It retails for $995 USD, available via Gucci boutique


Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $1290 USD, €980 euro


Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $995 USD


Gucci Button Sandals
Price: $995 USD


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Christian Louboutin Amazoula: New Collection of Gladiator Sandals

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Who killed Amazoula? Creating intrigue around its Christian LouboutinAmazoula spring/summer 2016 collection with a mysterious plot, the French luxury footwear brand has recently unveiled new killer gladiator sandals, which you can already buy at Nordstrom. The thrilling promotional campaign of the collection turns us into detectives, trying to understand who killed the wealthy and leggy Amazoula, who is currently lying on the floor wearing a pair of lace-up thigh-high shoes one could literally die for. Although still in the process of investigation, we do however at least know what induced the killer to commit such an atrocious crime: the amazing collection of vertiginous heels.

Christian Louboutin Amazoula SS 2016 Campaign

In a 2-minute video, originally teased on the label’s social media on January 5th, Christian Louboutin’s mysterious story finally went live on January 7th, inviting us – customers, to investigate the case of the murder on Showing off the collection through intriguing scenes, the short film begins as soon as Detective Baila arrives at the crime scene wearing a pair of ultra-feminine stilettos and a classic long trench, wandering around trying to understand whether Amazoula did fight tooth and nail (painted with a Rouge Louboutin nail color) for her prized shoes or not – just to find that yes, of course, she did.

Baila’s stilettos and Amazoula’s leopard lace-up shoes are not the only footwear pieces one may admire watching the video. As expected, Baila soon approaches Amazoula’s maid (because it is always the butler who is accused first, isn’t it?), who’s mourning the loss of her boss wearing a classic black-and-white uniform and a pair of hot pink Wavy Dolly, the incredible signature heels of which are always a pleasure to watch. The bellboy also channels a pair of classics Louboutins – the patent leather Laperouse loafers, which doesn’t fail to show Louboutin’s incredible attention to details. And it’s precisely a similar attention to details you will need to find the murderer, as each room has been cautiously filled with clues.

As soon as Baila leaves the room, the director’s camera shifts to the inside of one of Amazoula’s closets, wherein a pair of unidentified long legs is probably waiting to make the next move, leaving us, if possible, even more confused.

Christian Louboutin Amazoula SS 2016 Campaign

Filled with intrigue, the ‘Who killed Amazoula’ campaign perfectly represents both a sensual collection that will make everyone literally go crazy about, and a fashion house that has always been in the front line when it comes to innovation. Paying homage to its classics as well as signature details (such as the red sole), Christian Louboutin’s Amazoula campaign shows a new approach to traditional fashion advertisements, arousing the audience’s curiosity. Let’s hope it’s just the first part of a long series of crime-themed campaigns!

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Chanel Satin Sandals
Style code: G31433
Price: €750 euro

Why is Chanel selling Sandals in the fall and winter seasons? To be honest, we do not know. But what we do know is that they’re dazzling and that you should get a pair for the spring and summer seasons.

You see, what is Chanel famous for? Classic Flap Bag, Pearls and Camilla flowers right? Well, you can find all these elements back into these shoes.


Sandals in Navy Blue and Burgundy, adorned with precious pearls (girls best friend after diamonds).


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31502
Price: €850 euro

And if you don’t like pearls, then you will certainly fall in love with Classic-Flap-Bag-inspired sandals, like this one…


Chanel Velvet Calfskin Sandals
Style code: G31486
Price: €560 euro

The Sandals in Camilla flowers are simple yet brilliant. Made in luxurious velvet to make it comfortable for your feet. Can you say no to that?


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31434
Price: €790 euro


Chanel Lambskin Sandals
Style code: G31463
Price: €690 euro









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