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We want to fly back to the Cruise 2016 Collection, where you will find a unique backpack with a quilted front bag. You see, from all the backpack we’ve seen so far, this is the most classic and exceptional.

First, we want to point out that the bag is called ‘Chanel Backpack in Seoul’, and you might already know that Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. So was that the place where the inspiration was drawn?

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We can’t answer that, but we can tell you this.

The Chanel Backpack is one of a kind; the popular Classic Flap Bag serves as a front bag. It looks very similar – it’s quilted, adorned with the CC logo and the beautiful front flap can be opened to store your instant essentials. But is it not weird? You carry the Classic Flap Bag on your shoulder and now it’s attached to this backpack?

The bag opens and closes like a drawstring bag – pull on the interwoven strap on the top. The size is very large, you can most definitely store a lot of essentials inside. We think this bag will draw a lot of attention. So maybe its the perfect travel bag, don’t you think?





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Chanel ‘Backpack In Seoul’ Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Chanel ‘Backpack In Seoul’ Bag. This bag is part of Chanel’s Cruise 2016 Collection. Made of soft lambskin, it has a drawstring top which is made of interlaced chain and leather. The bottom part of the bag features the classic quilted leather flap bag on the exterior and the back of the bag has an open flat pocket.  The bag is designed for those avid chanel flap owners that want a new way to store their items.

Available in two sizes, Small and Large and comes in colors such as Red, Silver, Green and Black. The Cruise collection is currently in stores now.

Style, Price & Size




Chanel Backpack In Seoul Small Bag $3,300.00 (USD) 13″ H x 7.9″ L x 3.1″ W
Chanel Backpack In Seoul Large Bag $3,500.00 (USD) 16.9″ H x 9.1″ L x 3.5″ W


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