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Black bags are known for their sophistication and beauty but did you know that they look even more fashionable if paired with lovely feminine studs? That is true when it comes to Saint Laurent’s Y Studs Satchel Bag.

Look extra polished and posh with this latest satchel leather bag from Saint Laurent. Imagine glamour, fashion and cute rock n’ roll all rolled into one in this leather goodie.

Pair it over your crisp white summery dress, sandals and you’ll be a sight to behold as you stroll along the beach. Yes, white over black never gets old even on hot blistering summer days.

This bag has round metal studs in “Y” formation along the front and has an adjustable shoulder strap for multi-functionality. You can wear it over your shoulders or cross-body. The interior features an interior slot pocket and a large compartment for al your essentials.

It measures 24.5 x 21 x 5.5 cm and is priced $1590 USD or €1250 euros via Saint Laurent boutique.








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Let the Shoe Battles Begin: Jimmy Choo Vs. Christian Louboutin Studs

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When I came across this Jimmy Choo pump, I was surprised to see stud ornamentation. The brand’s aesthetic is known more for their glamorous, ladylike silhouettes, especially when it comes to the Abel pump. The Abel silhouette is a Jimmy Choo classic that’s clean and refined. These mixed-finish studs are a bit edgy for the brand, and it’s a nice change-up. After looking at this design, I instantly thought of Christian Louboutin’s signature studded designs.

When I think of a brand that frequently incorporates studs, I can’t help but think of Louboutin; he has used everything from solid-color to mixed-finish studs on his shoes for years. While Choo may not use studs as frequently, I’m having a hard time choosing which designer did it best. Let’s hear your vote in the comments!

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