Versus Versace Spring Summer 2017


Versus Versace Spring 2017: Bella Hadid walks the runway in leather jacket, ribbed knit top and briefs

Versus Versace Spring 2017: Bella Hadid walks the runway in leather jacket, ribbed knit top and briefs

For spring 2017, Donatella Versace worked with Versus’ in-house design team for a rebellious, rock and roll tinged outing. With the label’s former designer, Anthony Vaccarello, now at Saint Laurent, the collection focused on bodycon silhouettes and sporty vibes. Bella Hadid opened the show in a boxy leather jacket with hot pants and biker boots. Elsewhere, the bomber jacket got an update with cropped versions in army green. The Versus girl showed some skin in mesh crop tops, minidresses with flared hemlines and side cutouts. Distressed light wash denim brought a call out to the 1980’s while silver minidress ended the show on a party note.

Versus Versace Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in cropped bomber jacket, branded crop top and miniskirt with zipper detail

Versus Versace Spring 2017: Model walks the runway in cropped bomber jacket, branded crop top and miniskirt with zipper detail

Versus Versace Spring 2017: Mica Arganaraz walks the runway in silver minidress with draping

Versus Versace Spring 2017: Mica Arganaraz walks the runway in silver minidress with draping

Quite interestingly, Donatella Versace revealed in a side revelation today that she is already over see-now-buy-now. “I tried it with Versus four years ago. And I don’t know, pfft!” she said, raising her tanned shoulders in a shrug. “It’s better to keep refreshing your store with little groups of clothes.” Donatella was upbeat in her preview of the collection she was about to show in London, though. Antony Vaccarello—who left Versus for Saint Laurent—has been replaced with a young in-house team, and Donatella is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of the collection by “getting back to my Versus girl. She’s a bad girl, a rebel. She breaks rules.”

With Bella Hadid walking out first in not much more than a black leather jacket and a chunky pair of biker boots, that box was pretty much ticked. Hadid’s sister, Gigi, and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, were in the front row, creating a buzz around the event, which was held in the cavernous basement of the University of Westminster. In order to reach that young Versus audience—who knows, maybe even studying at the college—Donatella said she had been working to bring the prices down. “The difference between now and the beginning,” she said, “is that there’s a new metal mesh that is made out of aluminum and really light, so we can now use it!”

Donatella mostly showed club-friendly, body-con clothes: tight little dresses, things derived from army surplus, pieces with sport-mesh inserts, an exaggeratedly cropped MA-1 jacket. She saved the best for last, though, with the silver chain mail. It whooshed from the sides of a little black dress, dangled as a long, drapey earring. More subtly, it was also inserted into the rips in a denim jacket and jeans—a little flash of brilliance.

Versus Versace

Fashion designer Donatella Versace presented new Versus Versace Spring Summer 2017 Collection on Saturday 17th, during the ongoing London Fashion Week. The collection is the new manifesto of Versus Versace, the powerful and real collection with an attitude designed for new generations.

To see more of the collection continue bellow:






































Models: Adwoa Aboah, Alexandra Elizabeth Ljadov, Alexandra Micu, Bella Hadid, Camille Hurel, Celine Bouly, Dominik Sadoch, Finnlay Davis, Grace Hartzel, Greta Varlese, Hannah Bennett, Hannah Elyse, Impy , Ingmar van der Meulen, Issa Lish, Jess PW, Jonas Gloer, Lily McMenamy, Lineisy Montero, Marjan Jonkman, Max Barczak, Max Fieschi, Mica Arganaraz, Myles Dominique, Naki Depass, Noemie Abigail, Nora Attal, Odette Pavlova, Olivia Jansing, Oscar Kindelan, Ratner , Roos Abels, Selena Forrest, Sol Goss, Stella Maxwell, Teddy Quinlivan, Valters Medenis, Vittoria Ceretti, Yasmin Wijnaldum

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Celebs And Chanel, Balenciaga, Céline, Versace, Proenza Handbags

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This Week, Celeb Bag Attention Has Abruptly Turned to Versace, Louis Vuitton and the Hermès Kelly

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It's always notable when the eight celebs we feature in these round-ups are mostly carrying the same three designers. It indicates a potential shift in trends, or, alternatively, a sudden surplus of designer freebies. In any case, it gets our attention. This week, our usual supply of Birkins has been replaced by Kellys, and we also have appearances from one of Louis Vuitton's hottest current styles, Gigi Hadid's preferred Versace bag and Niecy Nash! Are you as excited as I am? You should be.

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Versace launches Palazzo Empire handbag, and a contest

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Using the Palazzo Empire as a reference, the contest invites participants to send a design using one of seven cities as inspiration to create ‘7 Bags for 7 Cities’. There is a link provided in the social media announcements of the Palazzo Empire where contestants can enter and submit their designs. Which could be you, you or you. The winner will be flown to Milan and given a ticket to Versace’s runway presentation at the Milan Fashion Week.

The bag can be carried as a purse with a short handle, or across the body using its long and wide coloured strap.


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Here are the looks from Versace Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway. Energetic, active in control: individual pieces for the ‪Versace city life.

Looks at Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway

Powerful tailoring, compact knit dresses and shirts are the new essentials. Exceptional ice colours, sequins patterns and shimmering dresses match with the new Ryder bag and the revisited ‪Versace Palazzo Empire bag.

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 001

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 002

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 003

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 004

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 005

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 006

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 007

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 008

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 009

Versace Women's Fall/Winter 2016 Show Runway - Look 010


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Versace White Patent Mini Signature Bag
Price: $1210 USD via Ssense

Let’s paint the town red and white, shall we? With Versace Patent Mini Signature Bag, you’ll never have to work for attention – it’s effortless! It’s a small, structured patent leather bag with carry handles at the top. How could something so sultry and sleek come in such a small package? We’re wondering, too.

The bag even comes with a removable shoulder strap, which allows you to wear it in different styles. Carry it with your hands, or wear it over your shoulders or as a crossbody! It also has a flapover tab-slot closure with signature Medusa head medallion accent at bag face, which secures all of your valuables in place.

Inside, it even has a patch pocket trimmed at its interior compartment, which makes organization a breeze. Look no further!

Measuring 6’ x 5.5’ x 3’ inches (L x H x W), you can get your very own Patent Mini Signature Shoulder via Ssense.



Versace Red Patent Mini Signature Bag

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