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Looking for a tiny bag that you can mix and match with your daily wardrobe essentials? Hmm, Louis Vuitton might have the right answer with its Neo Vivienne Bag.

Sensually unique with its round silhouette, this Neo Vivienne Bag is the perfect everyday bag that you can carry around. Exuding a youthful vibe with its distinctive shape, this bag is a definite achiever as it is flawlessly complemented by the delicate Louis Vuitton Monogram signature. The chic Noir on the other hand offers a timeless option.

This new bag is ideal as an every day bag, it offers enough structure and pockets to help you transport your daily essentials and the durable leather makes it easy to maintain.

Now let’s move on to the bag details for you to further appreciate its beauty. It has 1 Nametag/luggage tag which is displayed on front. It also carries the LV signature magnetic closure system for an added security. Lastly, this bag features multi-functionality as it has 1 handle for hand carry and 1 removable adjustable long strap for cross-body or shoulder carry. It’s casual chic ladies.

Measuring 22 x 17 x 9 (L x H x W) cm and is priced €2500 euro, £2330 GBP, $28300 HKD, $4450 AUD, ¥26200 CNY via Louis Vuitton boutiques.



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A Wedding with the Sex and the City Vivienne Westwood Dress

Bride leaning on groom's shoulder

Do you remember Carrie Bradshaw’s Vivienne Westwood wedding dress from the first Sex and The City movie? Of course you do. Well today we are featuring the fabulous wedding of super cool couple Sashy and Dashy, photographed by Anna Hardy Photography, and Sashy wore the Vivienne Westwood dress.

We love everything about this wedding, from the amazing dress (of course) to the beautiful brooch wedding bouquet, the male ‘flower girls’ in shorts to the abundance of gold.

We know you’ll love this week’s fun and quirky real wedding.

“My mum and I have always loved over-the-top gold gilt, so when planning there was an obvious golden finish to almost everything! As our wedding was at the Crab & Lobster, a venue that is already so beautifully decorated, there was a slightly nautical feel throughout. All our stationery had anchors on and the favours were displayed in scallop shells that we’d spray painted gold, to give a more glamorous Louis XV feel.

“The main inspiration for the wedding was the outfits I had picked out. I’m a big collector of Vivienne Westwood clothes so I was excited to dress my bridal party up in them! I actually fell in love with the gown I wore when I was just 17 years old, so the first thing I did, before even proposing to Dashy, was buy the dress! The shape of the hemline on the dress reminded me of a scallop shell, which seemed to work so well with the venue. The print on the bridesmaid dresses is Westwood’s iconic Salon Print, a photograph of the opulent interior of a stately home. The print worked as a beautiful colour palette and inspiration for all things gold gilt!”

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Vivienne Westwood 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

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Vivienne Westwood 2014 Fall/Winter Collection

Continuing to push the envelope each season with compelling looks, Vivienne Westwood took the runway at Milan Fashion Week recently with her 2014 fall/winter collection. While Westwood’s inspirations are often far-flung, her latest range looked to recent protests against oil and gas fracking in the UK, which Westwood describes as an “irresponsible behavior of our governments.” To combat this disposition, models were styled with thick, matte colored hair, PVC anoraks nodded to inappropriate toxic waste disposal, while neoprene sweatsuits brought to mind modern crusaders. Elsewhere, patterned dresswear presented bold alternatives to quintessential menswear designs and classic footwear designs were injected with loud bursts of color, while timeless pieces like the double-breasted biker jacket reinforced the label’s rebellious motifs in fashion.

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Vivienne Westwood x Kraken Opus

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Kraken Opus is a producer of large format luxury books featuring iconic personalities and institutions. Kraken Opus is a publishing division of Kraken Sport and Media Limited, the merger of the two is allowing them to expand their horizons beyond purely sports icons. Their latest development is the Kraken Opus x Vivienne Westwood. “Active Resistance to Propaganda” only 900 copies of the book were made in 9 different cover designs and the first editions (all signed by Westwood) are to be auctioned off for charity. The book is set to break the record for one of the largest fashion books to ever be published. Inside exhibits 198 pages of 97, never before seen, photos taken on one of the world’s largest Polaroid cameras. The photos each measure 50cm x 60cm. The literature itself is a manifesto by the woman herself.

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Vivienne Westwood


How do you define a legend? 

Vivienne Westwood is provocative, awe inspiring, avant garde, unique, rebellious, and a true original. When you own a garment by Vivienne Westwood, you own a piece of art that stands the test of time. 

Always a cut above the rest, Vivienne Westwood studied the tailoring techniques of historical garments using time-honored techniques to brand her own interpretation of style. Her self-taught, unique vision brings a passion of living and exciting feminine expression into her garments. Vivienne Westwood's Anglomania women's clothing line is known for its asymmetrical cuts and delightful draping techniques which masterfully transform the body into an eye-catching art form. The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania line includes dramatically desirable dresses, jackets, sweaters, suits, beautiful blouses, tempting tops, and sensational skirts. Vivienne Westwood masterfully accentuates the allure of the feminine figure, through her gorgeous garments. She breathes life into the cloth and masterfully manipulates masterpieces through her draping and cut of the cloth on the feminine figure transforming the wearer into a beautiful creature. 

The Vivienne Westwood MAN collection is thrillingly tailored for the handsome hero. The Vivienne Westwood MAN collection surprises us each season with stunning shirts, thrilling trousers, provocative t-shirts, and fascinatingly tailored suits that give a poetic presence to the dramatic dandy. 

Vivienne Westwood women's and men's shoes are an iconic image unto themselves. The fascinatingly fabulous footwear that Vivienne Westwood creates are so original and unique that a book has been published featuring images of her collectible footwear. And who could ever forget the platform pumps that Naomi Campbell took a tumble in on the runway during a Vivienne Westwood fashion show? If you want shoes with captivating character, look no further than the elevated excellence of Vivienne Westwood men's and women's footwear! 

The Vivienne Westwood RED Label is for the reckless, yet studious woman. The RED Label collection is a cut above the rest with remarkably alluring sweaters, tops, dresses, pants, coats and jackets featuring asymmetrical cuts and divine draping techniques. 

Get your thrills with a tempting Vivienne Westwood bag. Women and men can choose from a wonderful wide variety of hedonistically handsome handbags, stunning satchels, terrific totes, and captivating clutches to store all your notorious necessities and scandalous secrets in style! 

Discover a treasure of delights with the opulent obsession of the Vivienne Westwood jewelry collection. Vivienne Westwood's jewelry collection contains unique rings, breathtaking bracelets and necklaces, cufflinks, key chains, exciting earrings, pins, and beautiful brooches for both men and women. 

You never know where life may take you, so accent your eyes elegantly with stylish Vivienne Westwood sunglasses! 

Vivienne Westwood is one of most fabulous and influential designers of all time. She was born on April 8, 1941 as Vivienne Isabel Swire. She taught primary school in North London. Vivienne's first husband was Derek Westwood. She had one son with Derek, named Ben, who later became a photographer. 

Vivienne met Malcolm McLaren who was a friend of her brother. Malcolm and Vivienne became friends and Malcolm faked being sick for awhile to get Vivienne to take care of him and to be near her. Malcolm McLaren was the manager for the Sex Pistols and Vivienne designed the clothing for the band. Vivienne Westwood also designed clothing for the New York Dolls and other bands. Vivienne was one of the first original designers when the punk movement started. Many of her garments are now collectibles. The V&A museum in London had an exhibition of Vivienne Westwood styles from 2004-2005. 

In 1970, Malcolm and Vivienne opened a shop on 430 King's Road in London called Let It Rock. They sold clothing targeted at the London Teddy Boy scene. Vivienne designed clothing for the store. The shop eventually went through a few incarnations. In 1972, the store became Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die and featured t-shirts with provocative slogans, leather clothing, and garments with zippers and chains. In 1974, the shop transformed again. It was called Sex and featured S&M clothing. Sex became synonymous with the punk scene. Then the shop became Seditionaries. Today, Vivienne Westwood's World's End iconic boutique carries her limited edition special clothing, shoes, and accessories. 

Vivienne and Malcolm's son is Joseph Corre. Joseph Corre founded the women's lingerie company Agent Provocateur and now designs his own menswear line along with Simon "Branzley" Armitage named, A Child of the Jago. 

Controversy surrounds the style of Vivienne Westwood. Supermodel Naomi Campbell famously took a tumble modeling nine inch platform shoes at a 1993 Vivienne Westwood Anglomania fashion show. The incident made these shoes famous. Always pushing the envelope, Vivienne Westwood excitingly experiments with the extremes of fashion. 

In 1992, Vivienne Westwood married her current husband and creative partner, Andreas Kronthaler. In the same year, Vivienne caused another controversy when she received the OBE award. She twirled in her skirt and was knicker-less! She repeated the incident again in 2006 when she met the Prince of Wales. 

Vivienne has always been a caring and political person. In 2005, she teamed up with British civil rights group Liberty to launch exclusive limited design t-shirts. One reads, "I AM NOT A TERRORIST, please don't arrest me!" The other shirt reads, "Liberty - Throw Away the Key." 

Vivienne Westwood collections include four women's lines: Gold Label, Red Carpet, Red Label, and Anglomania. She has a men's line appropriately titled MAN. She also has a World's End line that features her classic pieces from the Vivienne Westwood archive. Vivienne Westwood also designs a collection of bags, shoes, sunglasses, eight perfume lines, and has multitude of stores all over the world! 

"You have a much better life if you wear impressive clothes." - Vivienne Westwood.

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Luxury Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection Christmas Hot Sale

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Where to buy Cheap Real New LV Bags For Xmas, Free Shipping? available latest new and hottest edition Cheap LV handbags hot sale in a Christmas promotion discount price, fast delivery with high quality. Choose a great LV Christmas Gift for your family, out Louis Vuitton outlet online store is your right place.

Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection Xmas Hot Sale

Louis Vuitton Parnassea Collection Xmas Hot Sale

Customer’s tastes more and more mature, the demand for handbags is also increasingly diverse, Logo, practical, multi carry method, luxurious leather, exquisite workmanship are all the details measure of whether it is worth buy or not.

This year, Louis Vuitton brand has been launched a new set of Louis Vuitton Parnassea collection to meet the needs of consumers. It is also make a innovate for some of classic mode, such as the Epi leather LV Neverful bags. And New LV Parnasses series full of art and beauty used the highest quality leather become the most popular and hot sale model bags this year, for Christmas sale, New LV bags also perfect for your family as a gift. In the collection, we can find many of classic design including LV SC cheap sale, Alma Bags Xmas sale, and some of few model like LV Capucines bags, Vivienne LV Bags cheap sale and more accessories. Christmas LV Bag Gift 2013 Hot Sale for lower price. free shipping.

Louis Vuitton Alma MM Taurillon Bag Xmas SaleAlma LV Handbags Xmas Sale

The inspiration of LV Alma bags can be traced back to the “Squire Bag” which designed by Gaston Vuitton in 1934. In the Parnassea LV Collection, Alma Bags available three size, Alma, PPM and PM which features detachable shoulder strap, suitable for daily use, can also be portable.

Louis Vuitton Alma Christmas Hot Sale
Fuction: Shoulder Bags And Totes
Size: BB, PM, MM

Louis Vuitton SC Handbags For Sale

Louis Vuitton SC Handbags For Sale

SC LV Bags were launched in 2009 which designed by Sofia Coppola herself. This talented woman is a requirement for handbags not light not heavy, a medium, or can be placed in the child’s daily needs items. Its style design is a combination of two classic Speedy and Keepall style, she also pay special attention to the practicality of handbags, requiring a large open design, built-in cell phone pocket and zipper pocket and a detachable shoulder strap.

Sofia Coppola LV Bags Xmas Sale
Material: Leather
Fuction: Top Handles
Holiday Price: $214.99

Capucines LV Bags Christmas Cheap Sale

Capucines LV Bags Christmas Cheap Sale

LV Capucines is a new style which available many of colorway to choose from, available MM and GM size made in Taurillon leather, metal rings on both sides of the handle design inspiration comes from the LV series of fine jewelry. There are two cover flap method, clamshell package can be placed inside, exposing LV buckle; can be placed on the outside of the package, exposing Monogram flowers. The arc can handle both shoulder and hand.

Capucines Louis Vuitton Christmas Sale
Material: Taurillon
Fuction: Shoulder Bags And Totes
Size: GM, MM

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Hot Sale

Vivienne Louis Vuitton Hot Sale


The New style Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag is created for those young fashion girl, looks trendy and stylish.

LV Vivienne wallet design is also very practical, we can find it is available long and short style, many of pockets and simple shape design make it looks fashion and practical.

 Louis Vuitton Vivienne Wallet Xmas Sale

Louis Vuitton Vivienne Wallet Xmas Sale

In whole Parnasseas LV Bags series, they were came both fashion and practical as great Christmas Lv Bags gift 2013. Now, many of new lv bags for xmas 2013 sale on our site for a nice price, fast delivery with free shipping!

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