YSL Tassel Bag Replica: Common Flaws You Should Avoid

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There are many varieties of the YSL tassel bag replica when it comes to size, color and material. This bag comes in smooth leather, patent leather, suede, python leather, croc leather and also grain de poudre textured leather. But even if there are so many different options for this bag, it’s important to be familiar with the common features all of them have.

I’ve seen many fake YSL bags, from really cheap (under $50) to really expensive ($700), so I thought I should make a small guide for those of you who want to learn more about this iconic bag.

I’ve already shown you some bad fake YSL bags as to know what to avoid. What I want to point out this time is that an YSL Tassel bag replica doesn’t have to be cheap to be bad. On the contrary, I’ve turned to eBay for some examples and unfortunately I did find them. I really don’t want to scare you girls with these bad examples I find on eBay but you really need to stay safe.

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Sold On eBay

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Found on eBay for $700

The only good part about these two Yves Saint Laurent replica handbags I’ve found on eBay is that the price is relatively cheap, which should make anyone suspicious.

I will also show you some really cheap YSL tassel bag replica bags for comparison. Given their price, I can’t say I’m disappointed by the way they look. Still, if you come across a similar replica that is more expensive than these, you should keep in mind that it’s not worth it.

Bad Fake YSL Bags

Cheap-Looking Fake YSL Bags

As long as you know the features a designer bag has, you should be safe. But you need to pay extra attention to details. Just because a bag looks really similar to an authentic at first sight, it doesn’t mean it is. Here are some photos of a grey YSL tassel bag replica that costs £220. It’s an expensive replica but you have to admit it looks really good and it’s not easy to tell it’s a fake for the untrained eye:

Fake YSL Tassel Bag Features

Fake YSL Tassel Bag Details

YSL Tassel Bag Replica: What To Check

Tassel – goes without saying but this is an essential feature of this bag and a good way to tell if the bag is fake or not. The tassels should be long and thick and gorgeous!

Stamp on the interior of the flap – should say “Saint Laurent Paris”, not “Yves Saint Laurent”.

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Logo Stamp Is Wrong

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Bad Stamp

Lining – never a shiny textile material like this one:

Bad YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lined With The Wrong Material

YSL Tassel Bag Replica Lining Is Wrong

– either smooth leather or suede.

For shoulder bags – check the chain and the hardware engravings: the two rings attaching the chain strap; the metal plaque and the tassel.

Authentic YSL Tassel Bag Logo Engraved

Authentic YSL Tassel Bag Hardware Engravings To Check

There are two types of chains for the YSL Tassel bags. Both are correct but one is for older models and the chunkier one is for newer styles.

The flap – check to see if it’s symmetric and how long it is (should be about an inch higher than the bottom of the bag).

The logo – on the leather tag inside the bag.

Real YSL Logo Stamp

Authentic YSL Inside Tag

The interior – should feature a small open pocket and just one big compartment no matter the size. The Saint Laurent Cassandre Tassel bag should never have a zipper pocket. I notice that many of the bad fake Saint Laurent tassel bags have an interior that is similar to that of the Saint Laurent Chain Wallet. The YSL Chain Wallet has a zipper pocket in the middle and also many small open pockets.

Saint Laurent Tassel Bag Inside View

Saint Laurent Tassel Bag Interior – How It Should Be

That being said, you guys always send the best replica handbags reviews! So keep them coming, girls! I’d really like to see a new Saint Laurent replica review.

Also, don’t make decisions like buying expensive designer bags in a hurry, even if the seller pressures you to make a decision. Just think about the fact that an honest seller will be willing to show you all the extra pictures you need to see before you decide to buy it. But be prepared to recognize the possible flaws too because otherwise those pictures will not be helpful at all and you’ll also be more inclined to think the seller is honest just because she/he was willing to send more pictures.

If you check all these features, you will learn not only how to choose good replicas but also how to spot a YSL tassel bag replica. Good luck!

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How To Stay Away From The Bad Replica YSL Bags Sold Online

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It’s true, some of these faux YSL handbags are so cheap you can’t expect them to look great. But I also want to prevent you from getting ripped off by people who sell fakes at the price of authentic bags.

Replica YSL Bags Common Flaws

In my opinion, the more you look at bad replica YSL bags, the easier it will be to stay away from bad fakes and choose the best ones. With this in mind I selected some pictures with common flaws of the most popular Saint Laurentreplica bags, the Sac De Jour and the YSL Monogramme shoulder bags that come in variety of types and colors. Therefore, they are also the most prone to getting counterfeited.

And just as it happens with other designer bags, a lot of people try selling their knockoff YSL bags as if they were authentic. It really bugs me to see a replica bag that is being sold at the price of an authentic one. It’s extremely unfair and not everyone knows how to protect themselves from getting scammed. But since it’s impossible to put a stop to this, the only way to protect ourselves is to know the bag we’re interested in the best we can.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Logo

This is one of the most common flaws replica YSL bags logos have. The “T” in “Saint” and the one in “Laurent” should touch the N in front of them. This goes both for the front stamp and the inside stamp. And here’s an example:

Replica YSL Bags Logo Defect

Replica YSL Bags – Check The Logo!

I don’t know if you remember this YSL Sac De Jour Nano review but it had the same problem with the stamp. This is also one of the first steps in learning how to spot a fake YSL bag. And talking about how to spot a fake YSL bag, I’m preparing a detailed guide on how to spot a fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, so stay tuned!

YSL Sac De Jour Nano Review Front Stamp

YSL Sac De Jour Nano Logo

But don’t fall into this trap. Just because the “T” touches the “N”, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be checking the rest of the logo as well. You have this example:

Fake YSL Crooked Logo

Fake YSL Bag – Bad Stamp

As you can see, the the T touches the N but the rest of the logo is really crooked and bad. And there’s almost no space between the two words.

YSL Y Ligne Mini Pochette

This bag is also called the Saint Laurent Mini Pochette Y Chain bag, so the bag should obviously feature a chain, not a leather shoulder bag. And then when you look inside you’ll see one of the worst YSL logo imitation I’ve ever seen:

Fake YSL Y Ligne Mini Pochette Flaws

Fake YSL Y Ligne Mini Pochette Should Feature Chain Strap

Replica YSL Y Ligne Mini Pochette Inside Logo Flaw

Replica YSL Y Ligne Mini Pochette Has A Really Bad Stamp

This YSL bag should feature a rectangular inside leather tag with a “Saint Laurent Paris” stamp.

Replica YSL Monogram Bags

Now here is a YSL Monogram Tassel clutch imitation. This particular design never existed in authentic version but what I wanted to point out is a flaw I’ve seen in better replica YSL bags as well. You can see clearly that the YSL logo on the flap is off-center, so make sure you pay attention to it.

Fake YSL Clutch Monogram

Fake YSL Clutch Monogram Logo Is Off-Center

Now look at this Saint Laurent replica Cassandre Tassel bag. The first thing I noticed was that the leather on the front flap is all wrinkled and that the metal YSL logo is too deepened into the leather.

Saint Laurent Replica Cassandre Tassel Shoulder Bag

Saint Laurent Replica Cassandre Tassel Bag – Leather and Logo

And now here is an authentic Saint Laurent Cassandre Tassel bag logo for comparison:

Real YSL Cassandre Tassel Bag Monogram Logo

Authentic YSL Cassandre Tassel Bag Logo

I also noticed that another flaw many of Monogram replica YSL bags have is that they don’t have enough tassels, just like you will see in the photo below:

Replica YSL Bags Tassels

Replica YSL Bags – Tassels Are A Dead Giveaway

The authentic has many beautiful gold long tassels hanging and making the bag look luxurious and royal.

Real Saint Laurent Monogram Tassel Bag

Authentic Saint Laurent Tassels

The quilted Saint Laurent Monogramme shoulder bag shouldn’t have a tassel in the first place. And second of all, the original was never made in this color. It’s important to know details like these because it will make your search for good replica YSL bags much easier:

Fake Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder Bag Flaws

Fake Saint Laurent Monogramme Shoulder Bag Should Not Have Tassels

Now I also want to show you a fake Saint Laurent croc-embossed Monogram shoulder bag. This is why I wouldn’t recommend buying really cheap replica YSL bags: they are going to look cheap too. And it’s not just that the leather is too shiny but the inside stamp is wrong too. This variation of the Cassandre Tassel bag is relatively new, so all these bags in croc-embossed leather should have the “Saint Laurent” logo stamp, not the “Yves Saint Laurent” stamp. As you probably know, YSL was renamed in just Saint Laurent in 2012.

Fake Saint Laurent Croc-Embossed Bag

Fake Saint Laurent Croc-Embossed Monogram Shoulder Bag Looks Cheap

Fake Saint Laurent Croc-Embossed Monogram Shoulder Bag Interior Stamp

Fake Saint Laurent Croc-Embossed Monogram Shoulder Bag Inside Logo Is Wrong

Real Saint Laurent Black Monogramme Crocodile-embossed Interior Logo Stamp

Authentic Saint Laurent Monogramme Crocodile-embossed Leather Chain Bag Inside Stamp

I guess that what I’m trying to say is that even though there are many bad Saint Laurent replica bags online (some of them even sold as authentic), you can prevent getting ripped off if you pay close attention to details like these. Just make sure you see as many photos as possible before and stay away from sellers that are not willing to give you extra photos, it means they have something to hide. And honest people have nothing to hide.

I’m sure there are many replica YSL bags on eBay as well and probably other sites as well, so be careful!

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Buying Faux YSL Handbags From AliExpress: Is It A Good Idea?

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It seems like more and more people are showing interest in buying faux YSL handbags from Aliexpress. I think that the reason is not that they are necessarily cheaper because in some cases they aren’t. But mostly because there are a lot of options to choose from.

Faux YSL Handbags Aliexpress

Based on the feedback I’ve received lately I will try to point the advantages and the disadvantages of buying a YSL bag replica from this site. Hope it helps!

A reader of the blog sent me some photos of faux YSL handbags she got from different sellers. The first two are a YSL Sac De Jour dupe and a Cassandre Tassel YSL bag replica:

“Hello Eva!

I was reading your site and found your comments to be very helpful. I was wondering if you could help me with some pictures sellers have sent me because I am on the brink of spending some money on these bags! I usually find the sellers from Aliexpress or instagram. I am in the market for a YSL Sac De Jour in Fog (Grey) and a YSL Cassandre Tassel (in light pink, rose clair?).

Hopefully you could help me spot some flaws and perhaps share with the readers if the replicas are of good quality! :)

YSL Sac De Jour:

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Interior

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe – How The Interior Looks

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Stitching Zoom Around the Handle

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Leather Details

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Exterior Brand Logo

YSL Sac De Jour Dupe Logo Zoom

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Protective Studs

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Bottom Studs

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Shoulder Strap Flaw

YSL Sac de Jour Dupe Shoulder Strap Defect Circled in Red

Generally, I am very impressed by this bag’s quality. My biggest issue would be the shoulder strap which is not like the original. It is cut off and sewed close whereas the original one is enclosed all the way between 2 pieces of leather. I have circled it in red. I am quite particular about the closeness of the replica and would love a 99% copy if possible. Is this obviously fake to someone mildly familiar with the brand?

YSL Cassandre Tassel Clutch:

 YSL Bag Replica Cassandre Tassel Clutch

YSL Cassandre Tassel Replica Pink Photo Collage

I am not sure about the chain for this one. I thought it was more of the traditional chain-link instead of this intertwined type of chain. Interior is suede but not sure if the flap should also be suede on the inside? ”

And here is my opinion about these faux YSL handbags:

“First of all, the color of the Sac De Jour looks more like Khaki to me, not like Fog (Grey). But I don’t know if that’s just because of the light. The bag seems to be made of real leather but the front stamp is not very good, it’s smaller than the original and also a bit unclear (Just look at the last “T” in “Laurent” and the entire “PARIS”). But overall it’s not a bad replica :)

YSL Cassandre Tassel Clutch: You are right, the bag should not have suede on the interior of the flap. But what I really don’t like about this bag is the color of the hardware, it looks very cheap…”

“Hi Eva!

Thank you for your very fast reply! The sellers for these faux ysl handbags are contacted from Aliexpress, instagram and wechat so its all over the place! I realised many of the china sellers re-use or have the same series of pictures. I think they are taken by the factory and spread to the various distributors.

I’ve attached another alternative for the SDJ – Do you think the previous one or this one is good quality? Do you know anyone that produces an almost exact mirror? They’re both about the 300 USD range.

Regarding the YSL SDJ, I have another seller offering these pictures:

Sac YSL Aliexpress Front View and Cards

Sac YSL Aliexpress Overall View

Sac YSL Aliexpress Check the Hardware

Sac YSL Aliexpress Engraving Detail

Sac YSL Aliexpress Leather Tag and Lock

Sac YSL Aliexpress Lock Detail

Sac YSL Aliexpress Side Detail

Sac YSL Aliexpress Viewed From The Side

I feel like the strap clip is a little too gold and shiny? I’m not sure what the real SDJ hardware is like.“

My friend pointed out a really important thing in her comment. I’m sure that anyone who has ever bought a replica bag noticed that sometimes you will find the same photos of the same faux YSL handbags on different replica sites and with different prices too. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one of them stole the photos but that probably they use the photos the factories provided.

And she was right about the strap clip being a little too gold and shiny too, that was my exact problem with the previous Cassandre Tassel bag :)

I recommended my friend to take a look at Ilovebestbag for a YSL bag dupe and guess what!

“Hi Eva,

Haha I’ve seen the exact same pictures from another seller selling them for about 300 flat from aliexpress. From the ilovebestbag link you sent, what are some of the flaws of those pictures? I personally had abit of an issue with the strap though – The grey strap is the more accurate and high quality one whereas the white strap has this awkward ending that is common with most Sac de Jour faux YSL handbags. Is this a major flaw?

Sac De Jour Faux YSL Handbags Comparison

Sac De Jour Faux YSL Handbags Shoulder Strap Comparison

Also with the Cassandre tassel, are the chain links supposed to be like this or the other type? A little confused about the variations of the replicas. Some authentic sites like nordstrom and selfridges also have a mixture of the 2 chain types.”

I have to mention that the faux YSL handbags on Ilovebestbag are usually pretty expensive and that particular Sac De Jour replica was $388 as opposed to the $300 Sac YSL Aliexpress. I must admit that’s quite a difference! At the same time that doesn’t really surprise me. It’s true that some faux YSL handbags are way overpriced on certain sites…but sometimes you pay more just to be safe.

That’s the thing with buying from Aliexpress: in most cases you have to use a payment method like Western Union that’s not very safe and it’s also much more difficult to return the bag if you don’t like it. It all depends on the seller but you don’t have that much of a guarantee.

Now about the white strap flaw: I don’t think that’s really a major flaw but it could be the kind of thing that could bother you on the long term. And it can also be considered a sign the bag is cheap if it looks glued rather than stitched.

As for the Cassandre Tassel YSL bag Aliexpress, both types of chain links are correct, one is the old chain link style and one is the new one. But neither of them is wrong.

I don’t know if you remember, but at some point I posted two Pochette YSL aliexpress reviews. The most fascinating thing about that review was that even though both bags were bought from the same seller, they had different quality, which confirmed that buying from Aliexpress is like taking a gamble. But then again, it’s enough to check out thisYSL Sac de Jour Nano review to see that Aliexpress is not the only risky site. For example, Jessyjadebag.cn also doesn’t take returns.

Buying Faux YSL Handbags From Aliexpress: Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage of buying a YSL bag Aliexpress is that you can come across some really nice sellers that offer great customer service and are willing to send you lots of pictures before you actually buy it. At the same time, the biggest disadvantage is the one I already mentioned: payment methods that are not very safe and difficult (or sometimes impossible) return.

If you are planning to buy faux YSL handbags off Aliexpress don’t expect to find many photos of the bags on the online store. You have to contact the seller to get the Yupoo link where you will see more photos of the products.

I’m really starting to think that given the popularity of faux YSL handbags, I should write a how to spot a fake YSL bag guide, at least for the most iconic styles. What do you girls think?

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Curious To See The Latest Review Of Their YSL Sac De Jour Replica?

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This year is almost over (where did it go so fast?) and now I can tell you for sure that the YSL Sac De Jour replica was of the most requested replica bags of the year. The style of this bag is simple and timeless, so it makes perfect sense.

YSL Sac De Jour Replica Review

Ilovebagshoes.com is one of the sites I frequently recommend for this YSL replica bag model and here is the latest review I received!

This ilovebagshoes.com review is very helpful not just because it states clearly all the good parts and flaws of this YSL Sac De Jour replica but also because it tells us some details about their customer service. I know that many of you are interested in this replica site because they have an impressive selection of replica bags, so you might want to check it out before placing an order with them.

Before I show you the ilovebagshoes.com review, I want to say a special thanks to my friend who took the time to send it. This is not the first time she sends a useful review and I really appreciate her help! P.S. The sister site she refers to below is 1to1replica.com.

Ilovebagshoes.com Review

“I’ve been trying to get a YSL sac de jour in royal blue, you suggested going for http://ilovebagshoes.com/saint-laurent-sac-de-jour-small-carryall-bag-blue-p7884.html .
Please have a look at the email trail between me and them, I made the payment of $400 via western union (unfortunately, their sister website where customers could pay via Visa was shut down). The communication has been good so far, I’m just a little bit worried because the delivery has taken a while. I made the payment last friday (27th Nov) and have been given a DHL Tracing number, however if you track the parcel it still only shows up as ‘ shipment information received’ after a whole week! I’ve called DHL and they explained that this means they are aware of a parcel but it hasn’t actually been picked up yet.

I’m just a little bit worried because when I’ve purchase from Bagaholic the shipment it was soo quick and smooth.

What should I do? Should I have a little more patience?

Thank you soo much”

The email trail was a bit confusing because Ason, their customer support representative was kind of evasive with the answers to my friend’s questions. But just like I told her, it hadn’t been long since she made the payment, so she really had nothing to worry about, as it turned out. And comparing the delivery time doesn’t help either in most of the cases. She received her package approximately 9 or 10 days after making the payment and here are some photos of her YSL Sac De Jour replica:

Back Side Of The Sac De Jour Replica

Sac De Jour Replica Viewed From The Back

Sac De Jour Replica Side Of The Bag

Sac De Jour Replica Viewed From The Side

Sac De Jour Replica Lined With Suede Imitation

Sac De Jour Replica Interior Bottom

Sac De Jour Replica Bottom Of The Handles

Sac De Jour Replica Handle Supports

YSL Sac De Jour Replica Gold Letters Logo

YSL Sac De Jour Replica Logo Stamp

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Replica Interior Zipper And Zipper Pulls

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Replica Metallic And Leather Zipper Pulls

Sac De Jour Replica Come with Keys and Lock

Sac De Jour Replica Engraved Metal Keys

Sac De Jour Replica Removable Leather Tag

Sac De Jour Replica Saint Laurent Embossed Leather Tag

Sac De Jour Replica Tag With The Serial Number

Sac De Jour Replica Serial Number Placed In The Interior

YSL Sac De Jour Replica Review


Attached are pictures of the bag.

I like the bag, although I thought it would be a little lighter ( do you think its Royal blue?). The handle and the bottom was a little bent because of how it was packages (its annoying but I can live with it). I do like the bag and it seems to have the logo in the right places.
What do you think?

I’ve also found a few flaws. Attached are the pictures.

The suede on the inside isn’t perfect especially on the back part. I tried to capture this in the pictures but struggled a little, I’m not sure if you can see the light coloured scuffs.
Another thing is the little liquid looking mark on the side, I literally noticed that just now and its really bugging me now. Although, its not that bad when i don’t look soo close

I’m really nervous about the bag, Overall is it a really good replica in your opinion????”

Here is my answer:

First of all I’m really glad that everything was fine in the end and that you received your order :)

The color of the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour replica you received is indeed darker than the one on the site – it looks very similar to the Royal Blue, just like you said. I think they call it Violet on the site.

I did see the flaws you mentioned but they’re all minor flaws in my opinion, nothing that would give away the bag as a fake. That’s if they don’t bother you too much, of course. The leather looks beautiful, the logo is good and so are the engravings on the hardware. All in all I think it was a good purchase even though it’s not perfect!

Thank you for sending your photos and review, helpful as always! :)

What I didn’t like though was that the bag didn’t have the same color as in the photos on the site. It still looks good and it’s not a dead giveaway but it’s still something I don’t appreciate. Good thing my friend liked the color and it didn’t ruin the bag for her! Here is the comparison between the two for reference:

YSL Sac De Jour Review Comparison Between Colors

YSL Sac De Jour Review Difference In Color

But what I do like is that it seems they can be trusted for Western Union payment and that’s a big deal! Those who have some experience with replica bags know what I’m talking about! For those of you who don’t I will mention again that Western Union is not a safe payment method in general and I only recommend you to use it if you know for sure you are dealing with a trustworthy replica bag site. I definitely advise against using it if it’s your first time buying from a replica website!

What do you think, girls? Is this a site you would trust for the YSL Sac De Jour replica and other fake YSL bags? Or do you have another recommendation for this particular brand?

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Saint Laurent YSL Monogram Collection

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saint_laurent_ss15-ysl-monogram-collection1Consider this a refresher post. For those of you who might have been slightly confused between Saint Laurent’s YSL Monogram and Toile Monogram collections, here’s help. Whereas Toile Monogram refers to anything that comes in repetitive YSL monogram print, YSL Monogram is any bag that comes adorned with the YSL logo, designed by artist Cassandre in 1961 on Monsieur Saint Laurent’s request.

And while the Toile Monogram collection is more straightforward in terms of styles available (it’s also permanent so pieces don’t really change much from season to season), the YSL Monogram is much larger, with bags and SLGs in almost every style from both permanent and seasonal collections that all come adorned with the YSL emblem.

saint_laurent_ss15-ysl-monogram-collection2So what style of bags can you expect from the YSL Monogram collection? Everything really, from quilted leather shoulder bags to top handle handbags. Then there are the hobos, the satchels and of course, the sexier sling bags that many have grown to love.

saint_laurent_ss15-ysl-monogram-collection3Because this post wouldn’t be quite complete without some examples of bags from the YSL Monogram collection, here are some current season beauties you could most definitely check out, from the one in embossed croc to tanned leather Université, with prices ranging from SGD2890 to SGD3230 for the lot shown above. Or head online via this link for a more complete selection.

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Same Seller, Different Quality For These YSL Replica Bags

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Buying from ebcod.com is like taking a gamble but in the case of these three YSLreplica bags things went pretty good. It’s really hard to find a trustworthy seller who will actually send you what you ordered but it’s not impossible.

I ordered a Saint Laurent Cabas Chyc replica bag from this site almost a year ago and I received a totally different handbag, so I guess I was one of the less lucky ones. But I’m glad that other girls are actually satisfied with their replica Yves Saint Laurent bags!

A friend of mine ordered three YSL replica bags from ebcod.com and she actually got what she ordered. What I did notice though is that they are not all of the same quality. But we’ll discuss about each of them later. First, let’s see her email and the photos:

Hi there Eva!

I read your ebcod.com reviews and knew that it was a pretty risky business to order from this site but a friend of mine recommended me a seller for YSL replica bags and I went for it! I ordered a blue Sac de Jour bag and two small Y satchels with chain (black and fuchsia).

I don’t know if they’re perfect, but they look very nice to me. Your help is much needed, I’d like to know if there are any major flaws. I have to mention that two of them are my Christmas gifts for my sister and my best friend and I want to make sure that their fake YSL bags are really good!

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Front View

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Front View

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Front Logo

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Front Logo

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Leather Tag

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Leather Tag

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bottom View

Replica Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bottom View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Front View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Front View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Front View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Front View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Back View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Back View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Back View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Back View

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Chain

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Chain

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Chain

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Chain

Black YSL Replica Bag Y Detail

Black YSL Replica Bag Y Detail

Fuchia YSL Replica Bag Y Detail

Fuchia YSL Replica Bag Y Detail

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Magnetic Snap Closure

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Magnetic Snap Closure

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchisa Magnetic Snap Closure

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchisa Magnetic Snap Closure

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Interior Leather Tag

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Black Interior Leather Tag

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Interior Leather Tag

Replica YSL Bag Y Ligne Mini Pochette Fuchsia Interior Leather Tag

My dear, these YSL replica bags are great Christmas gifts, good choice! I’m glad to say there are no major flaws to them. Still, if you want to know why they aren’t perfect either, I’ll tell you about the small flaws I noticed.

The Sac de Jour seems to hold its shape well and the leather looks really good! What I don’t like is that the front logo is not straight. Also, the leather tag is a bit too long and the letters are crooked. I’d actually recommend you (or the person you give it to) to wear it without the leather name tag.

The two Saint Laurent Mini Pochette Y chain replica purses look good too but the fuchsia YSL replica bag is actually better than the black one. I know this may sound strange since they come from the same seller, but things like this are actually not uncommon! You can notice in the photos that the foldover front flap of the black YSL replica bag doesn’t have the right dimensions. Also, the golden chain is too yellow, which makes it look cheap and the golden “Y” detail on the flap is a bit twisted to the left.

Another clear difference is between the heat embossed letters on the interior leather tags. The fuchsia bag has well-defined letters while in the case of the black one the letters are not clear and don’t have that golden finish to them.

All in all, these three YSL replica bags are good, since most of their flaws are not obvious. So you can enjoy wearing them! But what this ebcod.com review proves once again is that with these guys it’s mostly about luck. And I don’t know about you, but when I buy designer replica bags I need more safety than this, especially when I plan to offer them as gifts.

So girls, which of these three YSL replica bags is your favorite?

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