7 women’s watches that stole the show at Baselworld 2016

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7. Louis Vuitton Blossom Watch Collection
Inspired by LV’s monogram flowers, these watches incorporate the four petaled blooms into a number of different watch designs that range from simple and chic to all out bling. Our favorite was the Tambour Monogram Tourbillon which swaps one of the petals of the mother-of-pearl flower for the flower-shaped cage of the mesmerizing tourbillon against a diamond paved dial. Honestly, we’ve seen superior designs from Louis Vuitton in the past, but these watches incorporate just enough of the fashion house’s aesthetic to be popular.

Chanel J12 Collector Mirror
6. Chanel J12 Collector Mirror
Chanel is celebrating the 15th anniversary of their ceramic watch the J12 with a new design that references their 31 Rue Cambon store through a mirrored dial. The watch is supposedly scratch and stain resistant, which is a good thing considering it’s pristine white exterior looks like it’s just waiting for an accident to happen. This watch is certainly great to look at, but it’s not universally appealing and certainly not versatile. It takes a certain kind of wearer (like radical Lady Gaga or super understated Emmanuelle Alt) to make niche designs like this look good.

new-rolex-lady-datejust-28-watch (2)
5. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust 28
The new generation of Rolex’s Perpetual Oyster is available in combinations of 904L steel and either 18 carat yellow or Everose gold. This time around, the case has been redesigned to 28mm and features a mechanical movement, caliber 2236, equipped with a Rolex-patented Syloxi hairspring in silicon. Though the watch is intriguing for the Rolex fans out there, this is a forgettable design for everyone else. It’s not visibly very different from previous lady datejust models and is probably only the first in a slew of similar designs planned by the brand.

Slim-Hermes-Fleurs-Mexique (1)
4. Hermès Mille Fleurs du Mexique
We’ve talked about this timepiece before, but its elaborate hand painted dial surely deserves a second mention. With only 6 timepieces created, this watch is bound to be a coveted piece of Hermès history. We adore the painstakingly painted mother of pearl dial, but the alligator strap feels too plain for this creation. We would have loved a more thoughtfully designed strap (perhaps a similar Laetitia Bianchi designed silk scarf tie?) No doubt the creator’s intention was to spotlight the incredibly detailed dial, a purpose that was achieved at the cost of dimming the overall shine of this incredible watch.

3. Dior Grand Soir Unique Kaléidiorscope 
With its beautifully designed dial that evoked the patterns you’d see in a kaleidoscope, this is one of the most captivating watches we’ve seen from Dior in a while. Over 180 different metals and stones have been chosen and delicately arranged on this dial to catch the light to remarkable effect. We can’t look away from the clean geometric lines and hypnotic design of this watch, framed by a ring of green stones on the bezel. A denim strap provides a modern contrast to this modern, futuristic design. Inside is the “Elite 681” automatic caliber movement whose pure wrought rotor is visible through the caseback. The wonderful appeal of this watch is its ageless quality; it can be both a trendy timepiece for twenty-somethings as well as a favorite classic through the golden years.

2. Chopard Happy Diamonds 40th anniversary edition
Chopard uses the original cushion shaped case on a women’s watch to dazzling effect. Not only does this watch has more free-moving diamonds than any previous Happy Diamonds watch, but it also features the largest ones ever seen in such a design. This is the very definition of an heirloom watch, one that won’t go out of style for decades and retains a beautiful feminine aesthetic thanks to the prong set diamonds around the dial. This is the kind of watch, you would give your daughter on her 21st birthday, the kind that accumulates memories and stories the more you use it.

1. Bulgari Serpenti Incantati Skeleton Tourbillon
There’s no ignoring this stunning sparkler from Bulgari – it’s the very first combination of the brand’s iconic Serpent motif with a watchmaking complication: the tourbillon. We love the drama and diamond shine of these watches, but the real pleasure is in being able to see the precision of the openworked movement and the 60 second tourbillon. From the diamond studded coiled snake to the restrained leather straps, these watches strike a careful balance between being bright and boring. This is a bold risk for Bulgari and one that has certainly appeared to have paid off.

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Piaget (2)
Celebrated watchmaker Piaget is proudly showcasing two beautiful artisan techniques in their SIHH 2016 watches. The brand has used the techniques of wood/mother-of-pearl & wood marquetry as well as gold engraving to create incredibly intricate and beautiful Yves Piaget roses on the dials of their ultra-thin Altiplano watches.

Altiplano 38mm dial in wood marquetry
Wood marquetry involves the carving out of wood in order to inlay it with other materials and was common in the 17th and 18th centuries during the Louis XIV and Louis XV style periods. Artisan Rose Saneuil chose the materials of pale pink bird’s-eye maple, light red and pink sycamore and white mother-of-pearl to create the stunning wood marquetry pieces in this collection.
Altiplano 38mm dial in white mother-of-pearl & wood marquetry
The long and delicate process selecting materials to achieve the desired color shades, “labelling” each of the 96 elements so they could be assembled and inlaid within a 32 mm diameter dial. Applying one petal at a time Saneuil was working with hundredth of a millimeter precision to create the beautiful and unique dials.
Altiplano 38mm engraved gold dial
Created by artisan Dick Steenman, this engraved gold dial also pays tribute to the Yves Piaget rose. After using a scriber to outline the petals Steenman sculpted each petal with surgical precision before sanding and smoothing out the surface. The final step was to accentuate the angles and reinforce the folds to perfect the sense of depth and thickness. The entire process takes about 30 hours.

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CHANEL Horlogerie Introduces 5 Exceptional Watches Collection

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CHANEL Horlogerie showcases some exceptional timepieces, a luxury watches collection featuring the excellent movements, charming jewelry appliqués and artistic crafts of the French high-end brand.

5 Luxury Timepieces Exceptionals Movements, New Chanel Horlogerie Collection

Skeleton Flying Tourbillon

The graphic design of its flying tourbillon, that is characterized as a charming comet, is enriched by a skeleton dial come up in line with the signature watchmaking traditions of Chanel. See also Behind the Scenes: Gucci Jewellery and Watches Ad Campaign Holiday 2016.

CHANEL J12 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Watches

CHANEL J12 Skeleton Flying Tourbillon Watches

Excellent watches in 18-carat white gold and black high-tech* ceramic set with diamonds

Elegant contrast, as a perpetual back and forth between the light of day and the mystery of the night, the flying tourbillon stylized valuable comet lights up the deep black of a skeleton movement and reveals a refined time a unique look.

Openwork Flying Tourbillon

Free dial, this watch represents the successful combination of fine watchmaking and symbolic codes of the Maison CHANEL. Embellished with sparkling diamonds, its enchanting tourbillon fleet stylized swirl as if by fascination. Don’t miss also Michael Kors Sable Watches – The Luxe Women’s Timepieces Collection of the Season.

CHANEL Première Openwork Flying Tourbillon Watches

CHANEL Première Openwork Flying Tourbillon Watches

Modern chic watches in 18-carat white gold set with diamonds available in limited and numbered editions

The precious flying tourbillon shaped camellia, Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower, highlights an openwork dial of deep black. As a floral sculpture, it also magical than air flying tourbillon reveals a diamond camellia heart offering the unique look.

Première Flying Tourbillon With Diamonds

Conformed comet or camellia, each flying tourbillon beats while retaining and almost in secret at the heart of J12 and Première watches. Combining graphic lines and endearing symbols to Mademoiselle CHANEL, these luxury timepieces are coating the way for new concepts of remarkable female watches.

CHANEL Première Flying Tourbillon Embellished with Diamonds

CHANEL Première Flying Tourbillon Embellished with Diamonds

Adorable watches in 18-carat white gold, yellow gold or beige gold finished with luxe diamonds details

Between sweetness and purity, power and femininity, the stylized flying tourbillon camellia dresses in yellow gold, beige or silver and featuring sparkling diamonds. The first of this exceptional diamond-paved case subtly combines the art of watchmaking perfection and spirit of Chanel fashion house. Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches Collection: The Ultimate Hoiday Gift Guide for Her.

Rétrograde Mystérieuse Tourbillon

A perfectly round watch, devoid of side crown, hiding in its uncompromising design an unexpected concentrated horological innovations. The Tourbillon Retrograde Mysterious and combines technical perfection and aesthetic revolution.

CHANEL J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse Tourbillon

CHANEL J12 Rétrograde Mystérieuse Tourbillon

Refined watch in 18-carat white gold and high-tech* ceramic. Tourbillon, retractable vertical crown, digital minute reading, retrograde minute hand, 10 day power reserve

Concentrate horological innovations and cutting-edge design, the watch J12 Retrograde Mysterious invents an original reading of time. In its white gold dress and high-tech ceramic hides a treasure of mechanical ingenuity in the service of unprecedented aesthetics.

Calibre 3125

A prestigious automatic movement, a case of a rare graphic perfection, pure dial of an exemplary finish. Behind the simplicity of its lines and its mechanical excellence, the watch J12 Calibre 3125 hides an unusual character.

CHANEL J12 Calibre 3125

CHANEL J12 Calibre 3125

Superb timepieces in 18-carat yellow gold and high-tech* ceramic offered in numbered edition

Its high-tech ceramic case and matte 18K yellow gold gives it a sophisticated and refined style. Through a high quality sapphire crystal, the watch J12 Calibre 3125 unveiled its balance bridge crossing a gold rotor and wearing black ceramic. The successful marriage of style and the exception. Discover also the refined details of Slim d’Hermes Watches – Luxury Hermes Timepieces Collection.

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Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches Collection: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Her

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For women, you cannot miss the SOFIA watches, the newest lines of Dolce & Gabbana’s luxury timepieces collection. Dedicated to anticipate the upcoming holiday season, Sofia is unmistakably among the enchanting gift ideas for her. Available in 5 ladylike color options, Sofia is enriched with adorable and attractive gem appliqué.

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches Collection, Swiss Made Luxury Timepieces for Women

Offered in five choices of lovely and feminine colors; pale blue, beige, grey, black and pink, the icon of style, Swiss made luxury watches of the Italian house are equipped with functional, modern yet innovative hours and minutes indicator, square-shaped case crafted in 18 Kt pink gold materials featuring charming “Sapphire” glass with precious enamel finished dial, this women’s fabulous accessories also has elegant geometric dimensions positioned symmetrically to emphasize an exceptionally fun yet aesthetic shines impression, thanks to the refined strap made of fine silk satin while its 18 Kt rose gold-finished pin buckle closure complete a timeless elegance. The Dolce & Gabbana Swiss luxury timepieces collection Sofia is priced at 5.950,00 Euros.

For ladies, take a look also into the alluring footwear of the season; Rainbow Lace, the New Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection!

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-F0321 Pink

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-F0321 Pink

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-B0028 Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-B0028 Light Blue

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-M0126 Beige

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-M0126 Beige

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-8L739 Grey

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-8L739 Grey

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-N0000 Black

Dolce & Gabbana SOFIA Watches WWFC2G-XCKCT-N0000 Black

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Slim d’Hermes Watches – Luxury Hermes Timepieces Collection

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In Hermès, the time is in constant motion. This year is very promising for the firm because they are many and interesting innovations presented. The new Slim d’Hermès Watches are designed by the creative director of La Montre Hermès, Philippe Delhotal.

Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 39.5 mm in rose gold with minutes track & Arabic numerals

One of these outstanding releases is the new collection of Slim d’Hermès. With the wide range of watches it meets the firm has “declared willingness to go to basics” and this momentum “it leads into an elementary sobriety design in an extremely thin case.” Hermès brilliantly summarizes the philosophy of this line of thin watches with magnificent simplicity.

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The new line Slim d’Hermès has been designed by Creative Director of La Montre Hermès, Philippe Delhotal. Simplicity was the maximum of its creator when he embarked on this project because the luxury timepieces has to be the expression of a movement that will substantially with rigor and balance.

Delhotal is synthesized the elegant Slim d’Hermès watches with the innovative signature of the French fashion house. It used the font created for Hermès Apeloig graphic designer Philippe, who maintain close ties with the firm for years. With a slight stroke, Philippe Apeloig imposes a lively pace in Arabic numerals and marks the cadence of time.

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Slim d’Hermès emerges from an exercise in style based on the most authentic minimalism. Its case is thin, the handles are angled and the field is open. Balance, rigor, simplicity and watchmaking tradition, of course with the signature details of the house.

La Montre Hermès has created the older models of elegant Slim d’Hermès in one new caliber with only 2.6 mm. It’s all a watchmaker exercise achieve automatic mechanism as lean for what should have been minimizing the thickness and diameter of the rotor. Through the open bottom, covered by a sapphire crystal, you can see the mechanism manufactured by Hermès with its initial as a decorative motif.

Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 39.5 mm Perpetual Calendar

The star of the collection is Slim d’Hermès watch with perpetual calendar. It is also very flat, but offers one of the complications most expensive and difficult to perform watchmaking. This model has the memory of time as it takes into account the length of the months and do not forget the leap. It is set for a period of four years and offers the phases of the moon and a second time zone.

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The more refined and elegant version of the latest Hermès timepieces collection is expressed in male and female key. The elegant watches are 39.5 mm case in steel or pink gold and equipped with the new ultra-winding mechanism and for woman, it features a quartz movement in boxes of pink gold or steel, 32 and 25 mm, with or without diamonds on the bezel.

If skin talk, Hermès has much to say. For new Slim d’Hermès watches, the luxury French fashion house has designed a wide variety of alligator leather straps which vary in color depending on the diameter of the case and whether accompanied or not diamond.

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Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 32 mm in rose gold/purple and in steel with steel srapHermès Watches Slim d’Hermès 32 MM

Hermès Watches Slim d'Hermès 25 mm in steel with diamonds and in rose goldHermès Watches Slim d’Hermès 25 MM

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Luxurious Rolex Swiss Watches

Last year I bought myself a replica Rolex. I have been searching for a long time a timepiece that will meet all of my needs and still maintain its class as far as appearance. Being a person that travels frequently, it is extremely important for me to be able to keep time anywhere I go, and also, to have a watch that is dependable in any situation.

During my research I came across the Rolex Daytona. A favorite of Paul Newman, this watch was exactly what I was looking for. This replica Rolex came in many styles and colors so it was easy to find the model that fits me best, without having to compromise anything, like the strap color, dial color and so on. Not only that, but they had the masculine, tasteful appearance I was longing for, without the exorbitant price tag of the genuine article.

From my research prior to buying my replica Rolex, I found out that Rolex Daytona is very hard to duplicate. That’s why these models go through strict quality control tests, just to make sure they look and function just like the originals do. These are top quality fake watches. Beside the fact that precious metals are replaced with top grade steel in the manufacturing process, there is no difference at all between a replica Rolex and a genuine one.

After a full year of wearing my replica Rolex Daytona, it came to mind that not only I had no problems with it, but it had more than lived up to the company’s promises. Functionality? Yes! Style? Yes! Compliments? I only wish they would stop, I started to feel a little embarrassed. Even now, my close friends thank me for sharing with them my discovery. We are all more than satisfied with our purchase.

Show me a man who doesn’t like the idea of owning a Rolex and I’ll show you a liar. Let’s face it, there are millions of men across the globe that dream of owning one of the many luxury Swiss watches. Why is it a dream and not reality, some may ponder. Well, the answer is an obvious one: the majority of people are not rich, and even if they can afford one, they put their hard earned money to much better use.

Since Rolex is the benchmark for luxurious watches, it’s safe to say that it’s more than a tool used to keep track of time. It is a status symbol, an important fashion accessory and, why not, a jewel in its’ own right. Men who wear appealing, expensive time pieces are known to be successful professionals and by purchasing a watch that is attractive, functional and durable, they make a smart investment. Even if the price tag in restrictive, to say the least, the man that wears a Rolex on his wrist has a certain allure, a certain je ne sais quoi about him.

The quality construction behind the Rolex Swiss watches brand is very hard to find among other competitors. Take the Yacht Master II for example. Its’ movement took nearly 4 years (35,000 hours) to create and is made up from 360 parts. No one can argue against the fact that the brand is synonymous with top quality and it offers, as a bonus, unequaled aesthetics alongside its dependable functionality.

Rolex watches offer functions that may come as a surprise to some. The Rolex Daytona, for example, can be used by racing drivers. The Yacht Master is perfectly suited for anyone interested in navigating boats or ships. Perpetual calendar options, various types of chronographs, and water resistant features can be found in these superb Swiss watches.

For all of you dreaming about possessing one, but simply not having the budget for it, buying a replica is your best bet. And you can rest assured, Rolex imitation watches are flawlessly crafted and offer the same numerous benefits that the original do. And all that, at a notably lower price.

Rolex GMT Master Black Dial Metal Bracelet Watch

Rolex GMT Master Black Dial Metal Bracelet Watch

Renowned worldwide for their unique design and high quality craftsmanship, Rolex luxury watches have always been associated with extravagance. Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf founded Wilsdorf and Davis, the company that would eventually become Rolex SA, in London, England in 1905. After moving in Switzerland, the company name “Rolex” was registered on 15 November 1915. Since then, the brand has become extremely popular.

Many A-list celebrities and athletes can be spotted wearing a Rolex. One example is Roger Federer, considered by most the greatest tennis player of all time can be seen wearing a Rolex Day Date.

Nothing is finer than having one of the many Rolex luxury watches on your own wrist, too bad most people just can’t afford them. If you are one, try a Rolex replica and convince everyone that the exact duplicate is an original Rolex fine watch. The replicas carry the same features and quality of the originals.

You can choose one from any collection you like, be it the GMT Master, Day Date, Daytona or other. Fake Rolex luxury watches have it all covered, even the limited editions. You will find that people will notice and comment on your imitation Rolex, because it is a watch of distinction that needs no introduction. Rolex is one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world who are still in business today. Your replica watch will feature the same fine styling, but without the expensive luxury price tag.

Replica watches are a great alternative for people who enjoy luxury and finer things in life but cannot afford the steep prices. Try adding two or three replica watches to your collection, don’t be afraid to make a statement, you can’t go wrong with Rolex luxury watches. Your imitation Rolex features the same updated look as the acclaimed watchmaker. You will be the only one knowing your watch is not genuine.

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